Surprise Features: Apple’s new iTunes 11 comes with a gift-card scanner

Apple snuck in a sweet little feature in the latest update to the famous software: gift card camera scanning.

If you’ve ever used a gift-card on iTunes, you’ve had to type in the big long code on the back. Now, you can hold the card up to the camera, and it will scan the card and redeem the card automagically.

As the iPod and iPhone have exploded in popularity, so has the iTunes store. It’s just far easier to buy your content through Apple if you’re going to end up putting it on their devices. That means that these little gift cards are a common gift around Christmas time.

I know as a developer, I love to see my sales explode thanks to new devices and users with new gift cards. This little feature might make it that much easier for those cards to get redeemed.

At this point, it only works on the Mac — Apple hasn’t added the feature to your iPhone, iPad or Windows computer yet.

Image Source: CNET

Joshua Howland

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