Tech gifts S.W.A.K. (Sealed with a Kiss)

It’s almost here. The most beloved holiday of them of all. V-Day, Valentines Day, Single Awareness day, call it what you want but its a day to feel loved. Now I’m a girl and yes flowers would be nice, but listen up if your going to buy something for me, let it be something I can use. So I have compiled a flower-free more technology friendly list of things that men and women might love to get on V-day.

1. ZAGGsparq 2.0 Valentines Deal – $99.00 – Valid from 2/7-2/13

A great deal from ZAGG. Two gifts (one for you and one for your other) for one low price. Now I know I work for ZAGG but I really do love these. The ZAGGsparq 2.0, almost as cool as the Transformer Allspark, this little square carries a lot of bang. A multi-gadget charger by trade, the ZAGGsparq 2.0 is now formulated to even be compatible with the iPad. The ZAGGsparq in my eyes is the charger to have when you are always on the go, like myself. Its as simple as plugging it in and waiting till it achieves 4 full charges. After that unplug it and your ready to go. Also it has cool feature that most other chargers don’t have, two slots for either an optimized or general charge. With this Valentines deal you also will receive a FREE pair of ZAGGsmartbuds. Personally I never thought I would say this, but over all of my other buds, I have grown to love these the most. The feature the fits me and my lifestyle is the fact that they offer a “Hangin’ Tight” feature that easily hangs around your neck. The ZAGGsmartbuds are compatible with almost all smart phones. Lastly they offer a nice multifunctional button that switches between music and phone calls.

2. iPod Nano (PRODUCT) RED edition $149.00 & $179.00

Something I love not only because the product itself is great but the charity behind it is even better. The iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED is like any other iPod Nano but guarantees a great feeling of charity giving when bought. ”(PRODUCT) RED works with companies, like Apple, to create (PRODUCT) RED branded products and direct up to 50 percent of gross profits from the sale of those products to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programs in Africa.” The iPod Nano features a lot of things that I love about Apple products, a touch screen, 8GB or 16GB, and the cool clip. Plus its in red, and what says love better than a little red?

3. House of Marley Get Up Stand Up Dock – $299.99

A CES 2011 favorite, Bob Marley would be proud of this line. Started by Cedella and Rohan Marley, they partnered with HoMedics to start House of Marley.  An ECO friendly line of audio accessories that are sure to win you over. This “Get up Stand up” dock is great because you and your other, will be serenaded with amazing music quality and know that the product comes from recycled materials. The dock features two 4-inch woofers, two 1-inch tweeters, two speakers that have an output of 25 watts and a DSP sound processing that make sound, sound AMAZING. The dock is practically compatible with anything including all Apple products and anything that can plugged in via an AUX cord.

4. Diana Mini Love is in the Air - $119.00

Capture the loving moments with this Valentine edition Diana toy camera. I know, no digitalism here but maybe its time to retract and start to love film again. The 35mm camera that lets you take half-frame shots or squares. If you use the half-frame option you can get up to 72 pictures per roll of film. It even comes with the Diana F+ flash to help you achieve some artsy shots. The best thing about this product is all the add-ons that you can buy for your Diana to increase the creativity of of your shot.

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