Swivl: The revolutionary iPhone and camera mount that follows you

The Swivl is a camera/phone mount that lets you actually do things while recording yourself. It rotates the camera to follow you wherever you go. Now you can move around without getting somebody else to record you.

Who wants a Swivl?

The Swivl is ideal for vlogging, FaceTime, and Google+ hangouts.

How does it work?

The mount follows a sensor that you put in your pocket, on your clothes, or in your hand. The mount rotates up to 180 degrees and can track the sensor when it’s within 10 meters.

For the most part, the tracking looks great, but it may be a bit jerky when motion stops or changes directions. $159 is an amazing deal, especially for heavy-duty vlogging and chatting, but don’t expect it to replace a Hollywood cinematographer.

What cameras are compatible with the Swivl?

The iPhone 4S and “select iOS devices”

Any tripod-mountable pocket cam or smartphone

Doesn’t work with DSLRs. They’re too big

When can you get one?

The Swivl ships early 2012, starting in North America. You can pre-order now for $159.

The story behind Swivl

The Swivl is made by Satarii, which aims to create “novel user interfaces for video products.” However, the Swivl is currently Satarii’s only product. It was crowd-funded on indiegogo, an alternative to kickstarter. Here’s one of their earlier demo videos:

So what does Satarii mean? Well, the latin word “satari” comes from the word saltare, which means to jump or dance. The name applies well. Will you be jumping around in front of a Swivl in 2012?

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