Taking An Unlocked Phone To T-Mobile? Here Are The Settings You Need For Data


I’ve written extensively about T-Mobile in this last year, particularly about how they’re transforming the wireless industry and putting other telecom execs on notice. They’re bold. They’re brash. They’re loud and proud. And in truth, they’ve come a long way. T-Mobile and CEO John Legere have a lot to be proud of for what they’ve accomplished these last 12 months.

If you’re considering joining Magenta and want to take your current phone with you (assuming it’s unlocked), I’ve collected the necessary APN settings you’ll need to program into your device to make it recognize T-Mobile’s network.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can refer to this Apple support documentation that details how to modify your APN settings. If you’re using an Android phone, there’s not one specific way to navigate to this menu, as it varies between devices. Typically, however, you’ll go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names — or some slight variation of that.

Here are the specific T-Mobile APN Settings you’ll need to add:

APN: epc.tmobile.com and fast.t-mobile.com
Proxy: (blank)
Port: (blank)
username: (blank)
password: (blank)
Server: wap.voicestream.com
MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: (blank)
MCC: 310
MNC: 260
Authentication Type: (not set)
APN Type: default
APN Protocol: IPv4
Bearer: unspecified

Once you add these APN settings, you’ll need to restart your device for them to take effect. Going forward, you should be all set to browse the web and send / receive text and picture messages.

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  • mcaslan

    This is really useful information. Would you be able to investigate and expand the article with the network frequencies.

  • chuy

    it worked for me thank you!

  • ari

    Phone Model: Verizon Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile

    Used your settings exactky and I now receive picture text/mms and sms and reply to mms BUT I can not send or reply sms

    • eddie808

      Make a phone call to anywhere. Once it connects then outgoing texts will work again. For some reason, everytime the phone powers off and back on again this text problem comes up. Its only with the verizon note 3 when using tmobile.

  • buellfooll

    What should I be seeing when I navigate to the APN Settings screen? There is absolutely nothing there. Am I supposed to add the above text to this page? I am given the option to “Reset to default”

  • picsou

    used these settings and now my phone is not booting up anymore, please help don’t know what to do…

  • Sujan

    I had the same issue, the setting you have given here fixed the issue. Thanks

  • jesslovesyou8

    I got internet and messaging but I can’t receive picture messages please help?:(

  • Michele

    On the first line apn, you have the word ” and”separating the two sites. Do I put ? A comma or the actually and word?

    • number one

      If your phone is LTE use the one beginning with fast.
      If it’s not use the other.
      It’s one or the other NOT BOTH SITES.

      • JazzG

        My phone gets LTE with the first one (epc.tmobile…) The problem is it does not get data everywhere, only certain places, for example LTE in Manhattan, NY, and nothing in Astoria, NY. What could be the problem?

        • Yoon

          Did you solve this? I am struggling with same problem..

  • john hancock

    Any hints on how to make the hotspot work on t-mobile network with an unlocked verizon phone? I have a hotspot plan with t-mobile.

  • john hancock

    the above worked fine to get internet to work on the phone, but hotspot error comes up.

  • Corliss Blackmon

    Will these settings work for providers using the T-Mobile towers

  • Jeff

    just changed from METRO to TMOBILE sim card. Was us able to get internet service. On phone. I used the above and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much

  • Cousin Becky

    Thanks a bunch. This worked like a charm switching my Verizon Galexy S4 over to T-Mobile. I just can’t get my hotspot to work.

  • MEL

    Does this work for the Note 4

  • MEL


  • jess

    Hi..cant get it to work with a Verizon g3 for some reason..it worked on a Verizon note 3..pls help

  • raj

    Excellent this works for me

  • Caroline

    How is possible I have this APN in my Unlocked Samsung galaxy s4 ? I have Simple Mobile Service

  • Kevin Patterson

    I need help to actually install the programming for APN system. I know all about setting the damn APN. I don’t have access to any APN setting..
    Hello,i have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, x 1 month. Verizon unlocked and rooted. I have never sent or received attachments until I tried to recently, no such luck. text and email is fine. all other aspects of phone are fine. I have original SIM. I have added and formatted 64 gig sd. People are sending me attachments from work unable to open, obviously due to no APN. APN’s screen is completely blank. Menu only allows “reset to default. When I say blank, I mean absolutely nothing other than top bar arrow back, gear icon and abbreviation APNs. I got all the bells and whistles, titanium backup (which shows no APN at all), superuser, root browser, build prop editor….Well what do ya think? Hope you can help. I also have all the T-Mobile data for input when and if APN initiates. Thanks Oh, I am told unlocked verizon (f-verizon) androids lose APN capability….
    model sch1605,
    android version 4.1.1,
    Baseband version 1605VRAMC3.
    Kernel Version 3.0.31-1098177
    SMP Preempt Fri Mar 29 10:58:51KST 2013
    SEBuild numberJR003c.1605VRAL.JB

  • Carlos

    What if you have a different company? Well it still work?

  • Greg

    I have a Verizon s5 that I just switched over to tmobile. I tried both epc and fast and neither have allowed me to send mms. I can still text one on one fine but group text or pics are still a no go. Step “APN type” says to leave as default. Mine as is shows up “not set” this is the only difference I can tell…

    • Jessica

      APN type should say ” default,supl,mms “

  • Brandy

    I have an unlocked Verizon galaxy s5 this did not work I still cannot send mms/group mms do you have any other tips to try?

  • Palada Carlos

    Foxfi but cost like7 dollars.. It’
    Let’s you tether