T-Mobile Will Let You “Test Drive” an iPhone 5S for Free for 7 Days


As part of its recent ‘UnCarrier’ announcement, T-Mobile decided that streaming music shouldn’t take away from your data allowance if you aren’t on their unlimited data plan. The company also introduced “T-Mobile Test Dirve” — a new initiative to get people to try before they buy. Or in other words, before they switch from another carrier.

The program lets you order an iPhone 5S, use it on T-Mobile’s network for seven days, and if you don’t like it, return it to a nearby T-Mobile store without being a dime out of pocket. There’s a little bit of fine print here, but likely not enough to deter you from taking advantage of the opportunity if you’re seriously interested in switching to T-Mobile.

iphone-5s-t-mobile-speed-test-4g-lteThe first, and probably most important bullet point in the fine print: they’re going to put a hold for $699.99 (plus local sales tax) on your credit or debit card for the value of the phone. You know, just in case they never get it back. The second, and much less substantial of the two: if you damage the phone during the time you have it, they’ll assess a $100 “damage fee” to your card when they release the hold after they get the phone back.

Those two minor details aside, it’s a great opportunity to take T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network for a spin to see how it really performs in your area. Coverage maps are one thing, but actual real world use is another. If it all works out and you decide to jump ship from your current carrier, T-Mobile will pay your early termination fee and get you setup with a brand spanking new device.

Currently, the T-Mobile Test Drive only includes the iPhone 5S, since Magenta worked directly with Apple to make the device inventory available for the program. Who knows, though — there’s plenty of people who don’t want an iPhone, so the company may partner with other OEMs to make other devices available. As for the Test Drive, if you’re satisfied with the network, you don’t HAVE to use an iPhone when you actually sign up for service.

You’ve really got nothing to lose at this point, and that’s exactly the way they’ve designed it.

Go here to sign up for the T-Mobile Test Drive.


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