FreedomPop Is At It Again: Free Voice, Text And Data For Life

FreedomPop has been making waves lately with its free wireless service. If you’re not familiar with the company, they’re a wireless MVNO that uses Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. While LTE is the standard in 4G, WiMax still provides capable speeds in areas where it’s supported. FreedomPop gives users 500 MB of free data each month [...]


Have A T-Mobile iPhone 5? Here’s How To Double Your Data Speed For Free

I found this great trick over on TmoNews this week. If you have the iPhone 5 with T-Mobile, some intermediate computer skills and a few minutes to spare, you can practically double your upload/download speeds without adding any extra fees to your bill. This trick works for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. From TmoNews: Non-jailbroken [...]


Why I Finally Signed Up For Free Wireless Internet From FreedomPop 4G

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. That’s almost always true. That’s also why I was skeptical about signing up for a service that claimed to give you free wireless 4G Internet every month. But, the investigative side of my brain was all over it, and I figured if [...]


LTE Here, LTE There, 4G LTE Everywhere

Three of the big four national wireless carriers announced plans to flip the switch on more 4G LTE coverage. That’s good news for all of us. Here’s the breakdown on the most recent round of announcements from each. T-Mobile Even though they’re getting a late start with 4G LTE, T-Mobile plans to light up LTE [...]

screenshot sunrise sunset calendar app

Hey Instagrammers, this app tells you the sunrise and sunset times for any location (and no internet connection needed)

I launched another app today I thought you might be interested in. This app is great for photographers, hikers or anyone headed outdoors. The app was designed and built over a weekend in Ogden at an event called Startup Weekend. Two developers, a designer, and a team of business geniuses. Basic Idea We wanted to [...]


An Entire City’s 4G LTE Network Can be Brought Down for $650

Researchers at Virginia Tech have made a startling discovery: an entire region’s 4G LTE network can be brought down with a device that costs $650 bucks. Of course, doing so would require some expertise in communications technology, but Marc Lichtman, the research assistant on the study, said “Any communications engineer would be able to figure [...]


Sprint Adds 9 More Cities to LTE Rollout

The nation’s fourth-largest wireless carrier, Sprint, announced plans yesterday morning to expand their rollout of 4G LTE to nine new markets. Sprint started deployment of their 4G LTE network in July and currently covers 32 markets. Adding nine more will put them at 41 in “the coming months.” Here’s the list of newly-announced markets: – [...]


Nexus 7 + Mobile 3G Now Shipping from Google Play

Here’s the device many have been waiting for: the Google Nexus 7 + Mobile. A WiFi-only tablet is useful when you’re at home, at the office, or anywhere else there’s WiFi — but that leaves a lot of holes. We don’t have WiFi in our cars, at the beach, on the golf course, walking down [...]


Verizon’s 4G LTE network will be complete 6 months early

Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo spoke at the Wells-Fargo Securities Technology, Media & Telecom Conference and told attendees that Verizon would finish rolling out its 4G LTE network rollout plans 6 months early. Since they began rolling out LTE, Verizon has stuck by their timeline of “end of 2013″ to cover their entire nationwide 3G footprint [...]


Listen to Steve Jobs describe the iPad, the MacBook, 3G/4G, the App Store and more… in 1983

Last week, a short audio clip emerged of Steve Jobs speaking at the International Design Conference in 1983. Now, the entire hour-long clip has surfaced [listen here]. For true Apple enthusiasts, it’s something you’ll enjoy. It’s fascinating to listen to Steve describe modern technology, almost exactly as we know it today, but 29 years ago. [...]

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