This 110-Inch TV Might Be The Nicest Display Ever Made And Only Costs $150,000

The holiday season is still several weeks ago, but if this television is going to be on your shopping list, now might be the time to get a second, third, fourth, or probably fifth job. At $150,000, the Samsung UN110S9 is a 110-inch, 4K ultra HD television that might be one of the most extravagant [...]


Samsung’s New 28″ 4K Display Is Gorgeous And Available For Pre-Order For Less Than $700

If you’re looking for a great high-res monitor that doesn’t take up much space on your desk, give Samsung’s new 28-inch 4K display a look. They currently have it available for pre-order on Amazon for just $699, which is an incredible price for a 4K display from Samsung. The display has two HDMI ports, a [...]


Vizio Unveils First 4K Television, Set To Debut At Just $999

As CES rolls on this week, we’re sorting through hundreds of press releases, tweets, blog posts, and other tips for the latest and greatest tech to make its way into your car, your pocket, your living room, and your body. While 4K TVs are still a rarity, it looks like 2014 is shaping up to [...]


Here’s A Fully Maxed Out Mac Pro Spec Sheet And Cost

We’ve already talked about the new Mac Pro pricing and availability. It officially went on sale on Apple’s website today, and already, shipping estimates have been pushed out to February. That indicates there was more demand for the Mac Pro than Apple had expected. The base model starts at $3,000, which doesn’t include a monitor. [...]


Apple’s New Mac Pro Finally Going on Sale Today; Starts at $2,999

When the original Apple I went on sale in July 1976, it had a sticker price of $666.66. Adjusted for inflation, that’d be the equivalent to $2,735 today. Apple’s latest top of the line desktop PC starts at a comparable price: $2,999. It’ll be available starting today, December 19, on Apple’s website and in retail [...]


Here’s the 110-inch TV That Will Set You Back $300,000

Westinghouse showed up to CES with this bad boy: a 110-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. If that blows your mind, the price tag might stop your heart. It’ll be a “made-to-order” product, expected to retail for $300,000. It’s probably safe to say they’ll sell a few, but the line won’t be forming around the block [...]