Curved mouse concept wants to make it easy to carry around a mouse with a laptop

For many users the trackpad simply isn’t an option. I have friends that will only use the mouse. The difficulty is carrying around the mouse with your laptop. The idea of the Clip Mouse is then born. Design Competition In a design competition by Lite-On this was created by Frank Guo. The mouse is made [...]


Dock Card: The portable iPhone dock

There are two things wrong with iPhone docks. The first is that they aren’t portable. The second is that they use a single connector, and as Apple just proved dock connectors change. Portable iPhone Dock There are countless iPhone docks out there. Some of them are very well designed. Some of them are not very [...]


Here’s why we won’t see Lightning Connector accessories for iPhone 5 any time soon

According to several reports, Apple has significantly changed their “Made for iPhone” (MFi) policies that describe how third-party accessory makers can use the Lightning connector found on the iPhone 5. Since Apple called Lightning the “connector for the next decade”, it’s almost a guarantee that all future iOS devices will be converted in future releases. [...]

iphone usb

The iPhone 5 can connect directly to USB devices thanks to the new Lightning port

One of the most common accessories I’ve suggested for the iPad or iPhone is Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. The connector gave a lot more options that just an SD card reader. Users could connect quite a few devices through the kit like cameras and wired keyboards with the USB connection. The Japanese Apple focused Macotakara [...]


Is This The Most Pointless Smartphone Accessory Ever? (by @calebhicks)

If you’re in the market for pointless smartphone accessories, then you’ll love the ‘Cube’, a new product featured on KickStarter. Shatterproof! Amplifies audio from your phone! You can put it in different rooms! And it looks great! It has a hole, so you can use it with any smartphone. You can put post-its on it! [...]

Comieco cheap DIY free iPad stand

If you’re bored, here’s a DIY iPad stand out of cardboard!

Cash-strapped and need an iPad stand? Try making your own! Here’s a cheap and environmentally friendly way to make your own iPad stand from cardboard. To make the case, print out the template and watch the video: Saves money This cardboard iPad stand makes it easy to put an iPad stand everywhere you need one without [...]


Day Maker Turns Your iPhone Into a Pop-Tart to Wake You Up

Kickstarter is always a fun place to find cool projects. Even if they may not get funded, it is a great place to find cool ideas by interesting people. The Day Maker is an alarm clock with one goal – make waking up a little bit more fun. I have been reading a lot lately [...]


Insane Kickstarter Success: The Pebble Watch Syncs With Your Smartphone

The Pebble, an incredible watch that works with your smart phone, has already Simply beautiful The apps, how easy it is to download apps, the clock faces, the watch itself… everything about the Pebble looks beautiful. As you’d expect, the Pebble uses Bluetooth. I was hoping it would have Bluetooth 4.0, but 2.1 is good enough. The [...]

galileo iphone

Galileo mount lets you control your iPhone with another iOS device [Kickstarter project]

The Galileo is a unique stand for the iPhone and iPod touch. At first I thought it was just another iPhone tripod adapter. It does allow you to mount your iPhone and iPod touch on a tripod, but that’s not all it does. You can remotely control which direction your iPhone/iPod Touch is facing… from [...]


Simple snap-on gadget has potential to make hearing your iPad easier

Most people that own an iPad or iPad 2 would probably change very little about it, or perhaps nothing at all. However, most would probably agree that when attempting to watch a video while laying in bed or somewhere similar that the sound can get rather muffled considering the speakers are located on the back [...]

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