Turn your iPad into the Bugle Loudspeaker with this awesome iPad stand.

Another one of those products that needs little introduction besides it’s picture: The product is made of a soft material, so that it won’t scratch your iPad. And it’s capable of holding you iPad up in either portrait or landscape orientation. This iPad stand allows your iPad to play audio significantly louder, without any external [...]


New Wallee case makes mounting your iPad even more slick

This seems to be an iPad case with infinite possiblities The Wallee was originally created for the iPad 1, with the purpose of allowing you to mount the iPad on your wall quickly and easily. The mount is so easy, and so useful, it’s crazy. I have had mine installed for a couple of weeks [...]


Plug everything in at once with the LandingZone MacBook Air Dock

The LandingZone is a beautiful and elegant dock for the MacBook Air. It started on kickstarter and has gained enough funding to be produced. About the dock The LandingZone covers all of the Macbook Air ports, including four USB 2.0 ports, ethernet, Mini DisplayPort. It also works with the lock attachment. Latch the dock onto [...]


Swivl: The revolutionary iPhone and camera mount that follows you

The Swivl is a camera/phone mount that lets you actually do things while recording yourself. It rotates the camera to follow you wherever you go. Now you can move around without getting somebody else to record you. Who wants a Swivl? The Swivl is ideal for vlogging, FaceTime, and Google+ hangouts. How does it work? [...]

lilypad battery

LilyPad iPad Case Offers 12 Days Battery Life

Remember paper-thin printable solar panels? Well, people are starting to make some pretty cool things with them, like the LilyPad. The LilyPad is a solar-powered iPad case that promises 12 ½ days straight of blissful iPad use. It has an extra battery built-in to make this possible. There are two reasons why you might need [...]


Find sweet iPhone accessories with Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an innovative way to find and fund creative projects. We’ve already written several articles on it. It’s just that awesome. In fact, it’s so awesome that I’ve even found some more awesome iPhone accessories on it. Here they are: iPhone & iPad Accessories on Kickstarter The Oona – An ultra-simple stand. Astroclip – [...]


Tasty Tech Tuesday: Furry Friend Edition

I decided that after a long TECH FREE weekend with my beautiful dogs (German Shepherd & Mini Daschund), I would dedicate this post to my furry friends. We had an amazing time running around town, taking hikes, and lounging by the fireplace. I understand that this is a post for technology, but sometimes we need [...]

hero 20110302 300×164 iPad 2 Cover Its not a case, okay

iPad 2 Cover: It’s not a case, okay?

One of the few surprises out of Apple’s recent iPad 2 keynote event was the introduction of Smart Covers. These simple screen covers (the company emphasizes they are covers, not cases) from Apple essentially ‘snap’ onto the side of the iPad 2 with powerful magnets (don’t worry, it’s flash memory, no data wipe here) and [...]

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Agloves Review

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a tech nerd, but realized I had reached a whole new level when I requested a certain gift for Christmas: capacitive touch screen friendly winter gloves. Yes, I know, what has this world come to, but hear me out. Ever find yourself out in the elements bundled up with [...]

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