atrix 4G motorola webtop cancelled

Motorola won’t include Webtop on future products

The mobile desktop of the future Motorola acquired a company called Webtop back in 2011. The technology allowed for a smartphone to act as the brain of a laptop or television. It was built into devices like the Atrix 4G, which could be docked into a laptop accessory and ran with full computer functionality. You [...]


Reinventing the watch – a Kőrös Benedek wristband design

Watches and wristbands Watches are worn by everyone. Technology changes almost monthly. Phones, computers, iPods and other devices all evolve. The watch seemingly remains unchanged. We’ve imagined the iPod as a wristband, a watch is simply an obvious extension of that. Reinventing the watch Yanko Design always has some beautiful and elegant product concepts. Designer [...]


Apple still 5 years ahead? Probably where it counts the most.

Once upon a time Steve Jobs made a claim: Now, software on mobile phones is like baby software. It’s not so powerful. And today, we’re going to show you a software breakthrough. Software that’s at least 5 years ahead of what’s on any other phone. Now, how do we do this? Well, we start with [...]


What Are Your New Tech Toys?

So did you have the same experience as the boy above when opening your presents this year? With Christmas now past what are some of the new toys that have kept you busy over the last few weeks. Maybe you were just waiting for a Black Friday sale and finally got the 55″ TV that you have [...]


7 Reasons You Should Move Your Mobile Number To Google Voice?

You can easily move your Sprint mobile number over to Google Voice. The question is, should you? Here are the top 6 reasons you might want to (with a bonus reason). 6 – You get one unified voicemail box. Any of you already using Google Voice know the hassle of having multiple voicemail inboxes. Anyone [...]


iPhone 5 Rumor Mill: Keypad? Yes Please!

So I could probably fill a month’s worth of blogs on the different rumors circulating around the changes with the iPhone 5. One of the rumors that is consistently showing up though is the presence of a full physical keyboard. More specifically, a physical keypad of the slide-out variety. I absolutely love the iPhone, but [...]