First Of A Kind Digital Magazine Ad Lets You Customize A Moto X On Paper

This is something you have to see to believe: Motorola partnered with New York ad agency Digitas to create a first of its kind print ad, set to run in next month’s WIRED magazine. The ad lets you customize a Moto X and choose between 11 different colors. Only 150,000 copies of WIRED will feature [...]


Instagram Officially Announces Ads Showing Up In Your Feed

Today, on Instagram’s blog, under the title “Instagram as a Growing Business,”  it was announced that ads will begin showing up in our feeds. Claiming that Instagram has big plans for the future, they’ve stated that it’s time to make a sustainable business. This means advertisers will be allowed to pay to have their content [...]


Pinterest Will Soon Start Running Ads

Pinterest announced in a blog post today that soon, you’ll start seeing ads among your pins. Founded in 2009, the social network has around 200 employees and is valued north of $2.5 billion by investors. To date, the company has raised $338 million in financing, but has yet to generate its first dollar of revenue. Back [...]


Now Advertisers Can Send A Message To Your Brain Through Vibrations When You Rest Your Head Against A Window

Tired commuters often rest their heads againts commuter train windows. Soon, instead of catching some Z’s, they may catch an audio advertisement that is transmitted to their brains via bone conduction. AdWeek reports that BBDO Düsseldorf has created a device that transmits silent, high frequency vibrations that our brains can convert to sound. We can receive [...]


Bondsy: A Way For Friends To Trade Things You Can’t Put A Price On

Allow me to indulge in a personal story. A couple of years ago, I did an internship as an art director at Ogilvy (ad agency) in New York City. One of the highlights of such an opportunity is to meet, or at least observe, some of the most fascinating and creative people in the industry. [...]


Yes, You Can Watch Domino’s Make Your Pizza On Live Webcams

It’s a good time to live in Utah. Not only is it getting Google Fiber, but now you can watch your pizza being made live at your local Domino’s if it’s ordered it from a specific Salt Lake City location. The latest marketing ploy by Domino’s installed 5 cameras so that customers could watch their [...]


Things You Buy Offline May Soon Affect Ads You See On Facebook

If you’ve ever paid close attention to the ads you see in the sidebar of Facebook, you’ve probably noticed they change depending on your ‘Likes,’ demographics, or internet activity. For example, if you look at the image to the left, I can reasonably explain why most of those ads are appearing. ZAGG, the first one, should [...]


Here’s a portable TV antenna for the iPad

I watch a lot of TV on my iPad. Netflix, Hulu and the ABC Player app are my most common apps. The iPad has made time-delayed television as ubiquitous as the device and an internet connection. Portable TV Antenna I remember in elementary school another kid came to school with a ‘portable tv’ with a [...]


Facebook advertisers will soon learn which ads you’ve seen but not clicked

Facebook ads have taken a beating in recent months, with the effectiveness of ad campaigns and the accuracy of campaign performance reporting called into question by some pretty large firms. And think for a second: When is the last time that you actually clicked on a Facebook ad? Facebook recognizes this issue, however, and TechCrunch [...]

iphone 5 video

How This Little Architecture Site Made Its Way Into The iPhone 5 Video

About a minute into the iPhone 5 launch video, Apple Senior Vice President Bob Mansfield explains the speed of the LTE connection. A demo shows an iPhone user getting an email to check out the architecture website Dezeen. Yesterday, the architecture site explained how they came about being featured so prominently in Apple’s promotional video: [...]

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