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Top 10 Internet Hall of Famers

The Internet has finally been awarded its own Hall of Fame as of April 23rd in Geneva, Switzerland. The Hall of Fame includes a total of 33 visionaries that have had a profound impact on the early stages of the web. Check out the list below to see who has made it in the top [...]


Plizy, The Video Finder

Have you ever been in the situation with your friends where you’re all watching YouTube videos and each of your friends has a funny or interesting video to show the group but you don’t?  Maybe you haven’t, but I often find myself in that tough spot.  I mean, everyone and their grandma has seen “David [...]


Children, The Most Tech-savvy of All

I’ve always thought it was funny how there are a lot of older people who do not want to bother with computers or “new-fangled” technology.  Rather, they just let their children or grandchildren figure out the technology things for them.  Recent studies suggest that this pattern of youth being more tech savvy then the older [...]


Is the Internet Running Out of Space?

Is it possible that the internet could be running out of space?  Some people seem to think so.  That’s what some ISPs are saying anyway.  In fact, they are predicting that the internet will officially run out of room on February 2nd at approximately 4 am. Why is the internet running out of space?  How [...]