ZAGGblog Round Up [A Quick Recap Of Recent Posts]: September 5, 2013

Over the past couple of days  our most popular blog posts have been Tweeted, posted on Facebook and LinkedIn along with being pinned on Pinterest. Get on the ZAGG bus and follow us to learn about the latest tech news, gadgets, apps, accessories and even our giveaways.  Here’s a rounded up list of the latest [...]

Tornado App

Tornado App Helps Prepare You For A Disaster

The American Red Cross has released Tornado, an iOS and Android app, to will help those at risk prepare for tornado season.  The app alerts users of tornado warnings, provides checklists to prepare for tornadoes, has quizzes to educate you and even has a feature to let your friends and families know you’re safe through social media, [...]


Android OS Vs. iPhone

There is a lot of controversy and competition surrounding the iPhone and the Android phones, so I thought I would take some time to write about some of the key differences between the two.  Each of these differences can be interpreted as bad or good for either the iPhone or the Android –either way, it [...]