Codecademy’s Newest API Lessons Teach Users How To Code Apps To Interact With Twitter, Evernote, And Box

Last month we told you about Codecademy — the startup that aims to teach anyone on the web how to code — had launched new lessons teaching users how to build code to interact with services such as Microsoft SkyDrive, WePay, and GitHub through APIs. This week, Codecademy launched its newest API-focused courses, with users [...]


Codecademy Launches New Courses To Teach Your How To Build API Apps

Codecademy, the web-based startup whose founders aim to teach anyone online how to code and program, launched a new set of courses this week that they hope will help users learn to build applications that can interact with APIs. APIs, or application programming interfaces, are, uh, interfaces that help software talk to each other. Whether [...]

tweetbot searching for accounts

Tweetbot For Mac is the first app to buckle under Twitter’s new client restrictions

As of August 16th, 2012 any third party Twitter client has a fixed number of tokens. THey have 100k, or if they are already above 100k they can grow to two times the number of tokens they had on that date. It was believed that Tapbots might be able to do well with such a cap [...]


The Tent side of the real-time social network war

This is the final of a three post series on the developments of Twitter, and Changes at Twitter are shaping the future of real-time social sharing. Here are the posts on (1) Twitter and (2) Tent is a tool not a side In his post about Dave Wineman also pointed out what might [...]


Snapguide gets the first shot at in-app pinning to Pinterest (via @jkhowland)

Have you used Snapguide? It’s a slick iOS app that makes it easy to create, view and share guides online. The app is addictive and gorgeous. One of the best designed apps on the store. Pinterest addition I’ve pointed out before that Pinterest isn’t an overnight success. The service has been around for years. They [...]