Apple Maps is Literally Getting Better Every Single Day (And How You Can Help)

You’ll recall, with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple scrapped Google Maps in favor of its own, proprietary mapping data in an app simply called Maps. It was a catastrophic disaster, and what made it worse was that you couldn’t just go download Google Maps from the App Store. That option came a little while [...]


Californians: Texting & Driving Not Okay, But Go Ahead And Use Google Maps

There are currently three different laws on the books governing how California residents can and cannot use their mobile devices while operating a vehicle. The first specifically bans the use of “handheld cell phones” on public roadways unless you’re using it to call emergency services. The second stipulates that only drivers over the age of [...]


Next Version of OS X to Include Apple Maps and Siri?

Apple is expected to integrate Siri and Maps into its next Mac operating system, OS X 10.9. If history is to be followed, we’ll have details in February. Yesterday, 9to5Mac reported that reliable sources indicate Apple’s next version of OS X, version 10.9, will include Apple Maps and Siri. Details are few and far between so [...]


The Big Apple Shakeup

Last week, Apple announced the largest corporate restructuring in recent memory, with two key executives leaving the company. The restructuring as a whole is interesting for a few reasons. Jony Ive, the long-time head of industrial design (hardware) for nearly every product to come out of Apple in the last 15 years, is taking on [...]


Google preparing to announce new Maps features just before Apple makes its own maps announcement

By now you know that Apple has announced its plans to divorce itself from use of Google Maps in iOS, with Apple developing its own mapping software that it will likely announce at WWDC starting on June 11. Well, Google may be attempting to upstage whatever Apple plans to announce about maps, because the search [...]