Get Rid of Your Remote Controls

Walk into pretty much any home and look on the coffee table or entertainment center.  You will likely notice an various assortment of remote controls.  Whether it is a television, gaming system, DVD or Blu-Ray player or sound system, seemingly every type of technology is controlled by it’s own remote control.  With a smartphone, all [...][1]

New Study: E-readers More Popular Than Tablets

Ads for tablets are everywhere.  The Apple iPad is a household name.  Everyone has heard about it.  But, as it turns out, that popularity does not translate into sales.  According to a new study performed by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, e-readers like’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are more popular [...]


Analyst: iPhone 5 coming in September

It seems like Apple always has something new up its sleeve. Whether it’s a new gadget or just a updated version of an already existing gadget. People are hyped up for whatever Apple is releasing, and right that hype is all about the iPhone 5; which many are expecting will make its debut in September, including [...]


King Jobs’ Mighty Hammer Comes Down On Hulu

Noticed anything missing from the Hulu app on your iPad? The subscription button is now gone, thanks to Apple’s new subscription rule. The rule comes into effect on July 1 and states that any app that has on the front page a subscription button that directs users to an outside web site to purchase a [...]

apple location app

Social media comes to life

Apple applied for a patent last week for a new kind of social app: one based on your location. Instead of finding friends online purely because of like interests or similar life goals, this app allows users to meet people in person based on their personal profiles, some data from their phone, and their locations. [...]


Technology That’s Ahead Of Its Time

Sometimes technology is a little ahead of its time and the world is just not ready for it.  Even though the idea behind the gadget is a great one, people just aren’t ready for it and the product flops.  Either that, or the product is sometimes just too expensive. Mashable recently posted an article about [...]


Apple Patent To Shut Down Recording In Venues Using iPhone Cameras

People use their phones every day. In fact, I don’t know a lot of people where their whole life isn’t on their phone. From checking emails, to uploading pictures on Facebook, to posting your next tweet, to filming your favorite band or sports team at whatever venue they’re playing at. But soon, that may be [...]

apple school

This is how I feel about Apple’s back to school offer

Apple’s seasonal back-to-school deal is here again, but some aren’t seeing it as much a deal this time around. The deal pops up around graduation season (now) and usually lasts until Labor Day or so. But this time, instead of their traditional “free iPod” offer, Apple is giving away $100 to be used in the [...]


Does Google’s Chromebook Have What It Takes To Compete With Apple?

A lot of companies try to compete with Apple. In a sense they’re jumping on the bandwagon, but with their own version of something that Apple has produced. Now Google’s joined in, with their new Chromebook laptop. But many are asking, can Google’s Chromebook compete with Apple? According to a Yahoo! Finance article by Matt [...]


Virgin Mobile Adds Another Smartphone

Before getting my iPhone 4 through AT&T and falling in to Apple’s gadget-obsessed pit with everyone else, my cell phone provider was Virgin Mobile.  With crappy service, crappy customer service, chunky phones and cheap prices, I felt like I was doing alright for myself.  Sure my phone was ugly, but I was only paying $25 [...]

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