Google Adds ‘Treasure Maps’

According to Google, “In September 2012 our team discovered a paper map that has been verified as Captain Kidd’s treasure map. However, we haven’t deciphered all the clues yet and its up to you to access his map and uncover the secrets. If we all work together, we can solve the mystery and find the [...]

Boxed set

April Fools 2011 Recap

Ah, April Fool’s Day. Adored by many and hated by many others. The pranks and chain yankin’ of the season has moved hard core onto the internet as many companies and sites take advantage of a little leg pulling and the chance to have a bit of fun with their readers. Below are a few [...]

April Fools 2011

2011 April Fool’s Jokes

Google: Of course one of the Internet’s biggest players would do something hilarious. This year, they “created” Gmail on Kinect. That’s right, sending emails just got easier. Instead of typing your message, Gmail is offering motion-controlled technology to send out your email. For example, instead of pressing the “send” button, simply make a stamp-licking gesture [...]

iPad 8

Rumors of iPad 8 Revealed

With the iPad 2′s release 3 weeks ago today and rumors of an iPad 3 slated for a fall 2011 release, a tipster within the Cupertino company has leaked some information on the iPad 8, slated for a 2014 release. “Even thinner and more magical and revolutionary” was the hushed word from the anonymous source [...]



Some good finally came out of April Fool’s Day. That at least seems to be the case based on the feedback given at CES over ION Audio &’s iCade, the small arcade console which houses an iPad to play classic arcade games in. The product officially debuted in Nevada a few weeks ago and [...]