The Fastest Robot In The World Takes On Best Ping Pong Player In The World For Epic Duel

We won’t hold it against you for knowing nothing about KUKA Robotics, a German manufacturer of automation robots for large factories. The things they’re working on are quite impressive, though. Typical robots are capable of executing static commands and instructions (mills, lathes, CNC machines, etc), but the real innovation here is in artificial intelligence, combined [...]


This Home Security System Has Raised $1.6 Million On Indiegogo — Its Goal Was $100,000

Dubbing itself the “Smart home security device for everyone”, the Canary is another crowdfunding success story on Indiegogo. Canary is a standalone security system for your house or apartment that houses a multitude of sensors designed to give you accurate and updated data while you’re away. It connects to the Internet over your existing WiFi [...]


Will Siri crush our usage of search? (via @jkhowland)

One of the best things about an upgraded operating system is that you get more from the features you already know and love. Siri is the feature that seemed to pick up the most in iOS 6. Some updates make a single feature better. Some updates make one feature so useful that another seems worse. [...]


Volvo SARTRE Driverless Train: 53MPH at 20 feet apart

One of the coolest tech projects out there is Volvo’s SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment). Volvo gave the project a boost of public awareness, and maybe trust. The 124-mile Spanish test both proved that the cars could stay driverless without posing a threat and upped the ante for what the cars could do: [...]


Robotic fish with AI start wwimming to catch pollution

Pollution Patrol Global events continually bring more and more attention to water pollution. Scientists and researchers are constantly looking for ways to monitor the pollution in harbors around the world. Just last week, the scientists moved from the labs to a sea trial. The robot fish is going to be used to patrol harbors autonomously [...]

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3 Computing Innovations To Change The Future

With technology progressing at a rapid rate, it’s no wonder that innovators are looking at such concepts as speech, sight and gesture control as soon to be achievable. Check out the list below for a look at the newest and most interesting innovations in the computing world. Computing Innovations For The Future Speech Control: Speech [...]