Twitter Announces Partnership With SoundCloud To Bring Music To Your Timeline

Twitter Announces Partnership With SoundCloud To Bring Music To Your Timeline

Twitter officials announced a new partnership with SoundCloud that will bring an integrated music experience to users of the social media service on Twitter’s official Android and iOS apps. SoundCloud is the first partner in the program, which is called “Twitter Audio Card.” The way Twitter Audio Card works is that when a user who [...]


This Is Why Headphones Are The Best

[View the story "This Is Why Headphones Are The Best" on Storify] This Is Why Headphones Are The Best Storified by ZAGG· Wed, Aug 14 2013 11:25:08 Everyone needs headphones. Below is a collection of tweets from people explaining why they love their headphones. Be sure to check out the collection of headphones, speakers, and [...]


This Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Is Also A Showerhead

We’ve all done it. We’ve dragged a pair of old computer speakers or stereo into the bathroom to plug our music playing devices in while we shower. Whether we listen to music, pod casts, or audio books, sometimes the sound of the shower alone isn’t enough to get us through our morning routine. Thanks to [...]


After 21 Years, Sony To Stop Making MiniDisc Players

A lot of gadgets have come and gone when it comes to devices that deliver music to our ears while on the go, but a report this week indicates that Sony plans to discontinue production of a particular device that had quite a niche audience for the more than two decades: the MiniDisc. After 21 [...]


Amazon offering online credits for Prime members who aren’t in a rush

Killer news for Amazon Prime users, Amazon is giving Amazon rebates for customers willing to wait a bit longer for their shipments. Not guaranteed The option may not be available for every order, and for some it may not even be worth a credit. Amazon’s explanation reads: Promotional credit may be offered for selecting No-Rush [...]


What the iPhone 5′s Lightning port means for your accessories

Three things you need to know about the new Lightning cable in the iPhone 5: 1- Many of your accessories won’t work even with an adaptor The 30 pin connector took advantage of an analog signal. That means that the iPhone was sending out a video and audio signal similar to what you’d expect over [...]

vmoda vamp

This $650 iPhone case has a high-grade headphone amp, a digital-to-analog converter, and a battery pack

The V-Moda Vamp is the latest in our quest to find the world’s most exotic (and expensive) gadget cases. This one’s aimed squarely at the audiophile, packing a high-grade headphone amp, a digital-to-analog converter, and a battery pack to keep your iPhone rocking long and loud for only $650. The Verge gave the case a [...]

mastered itunes

Is ‘Mastered for iTunes’ Legit or a Marketing Ploy? (by @calebhicks)

Some musicians and record executives have recently bemoaned the fact that what ends up on a fan’s iPod or iPhone is of arguably much lower quality than what is laid down on tape or hard drives in the studio. Apple has been pushing the limits of song quality on iTunes through a program called ‘Mastered [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: custom-made earbuds in a flash

We all love being able to listen to our music on the go or watch our YouTube videos discreetly at our desks, but for some of us those earbuds don’t quite fit right.  The alternative is wearing big old headphones, but those aren’t always the most convenient either. What’s a set of ears to do? [...]


Record Audio from Any App on Your Mac with Piezo

Rogue Amoeba – developers of popular Mac Apps Airfoil, Audio Hijack Pro, and others – has released their first app specifically for the Mac App Store: Piezo. If you are familiar with Rogue Amoeba’s work, you know that they specialize in broadcasting and recording audio from any source on your Mac. Airfoil allows you to [...]

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