Bedtime Story: Google Books adds ‘Read aloud’ feature

One of the best features the Kindle had on Google was that it could read your books to you through your headphones. Google has released a major update to the Google Play Books application with some pretty awesome features and enhancements. The ‘Read Aloud’ feature is exactly what you’d request. The app is able to [...]


Standalone Podcast App Coming with iOS6?

With the beta of Apple’s iOS 6 now in the hands of developers, news of changes to iTunes has begun to circulate around the web. It seems the iTunes app in iOS 6 is missing any reference to the Podcasts, iTunes U, and Audiobooks categories. Currently, in iOS 5, those categories can be accessed through [...]


Digital Audiobooks, what are the best sources?

I drive more than an hour every day. Most of the time I just listen to the radio but really want to use that time to accomplish something. One thing I would really like to do is read a few books during my drive without the actual reading part. Problems I have faced in the [...]



I’m heading out on a road trip to Texas in the next few days and I’ve been thinking about what’ll keep me busy on the road down. I’ve never listened to an audiobook before – believe it or not. But since this is the first time I’m making the 22+ hour drive, I figure this [...]