How I’m Using IFTTT To Find My Stolen Bicycle

Last week, I discovered that my Cannondale bicycle had been stolen from the bike storage room in my Seattle apartment complex. Like anyone who has had property like this stolen from them, after getting over the initial shock and feelings of being a victim, I started going through the proper channels to document and report [...]


Samsung’s Robotic Vacuum Can Clean Corners

I was thinking this morning about the companies that are attending CES this year. They’re all about cars and televisions. Sometimes, however, one of these companies announces a gem. The Smart Tango Corner Clean Samsung hasn’t announced much ahead of CES regarding their televisions, but they’re giving us a preview of their new robotic house [...]

att digital life 2

AT&T Gets Into Home Automation and Security Systems

AT&T’s new Digital Life service will soon be sold in all AT&T stores across the country. The new service is a security and home-automation platform that will detect activity throughout the house and allow users to “take action” on PCs, tablets, or smartphones. The new service will be run by an entirely new branch of [...]


The Ridiculously Automated Dorm Room

In a really cool way to get buddies and chicks into his dorm room, Derek Low has completely automated his dorm room with an alarm, homework mode, and an emergency party mode for only ‘a few hundred dollars’. He calls it BRAD, short for Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm. Here it is: Aside from using Justin [...]

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Automate your internet using @ifttt

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could change your Twitter profile picture whenever you change your Facebook profile picture? What about if you could receive a text every morning telling you the temperature before you step out in the cold unprepared? Ifttt (if this then that) is a service that allows you to connect many [...]


ReCAPTCHA, capish?

I once had the brilliant idea to solve all of the world’s energy problems. You hook a capture device to all of the animated gifs on the internet and harness their motion to transfer it into usable electricity, similar to what they do with windmills. So every time a gif of a cat stuck to [...]