Lamborghini is Making a Flagship Spec’d Smartphone; Low Ballers Need Not Inquire

When it comes to things like this, that old saying rings true: if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it anyway. In fact, we can’t even tell you how much Lamborghini’s new smartphone, dubbed the Tauri 88, will potentially set you back because they haven’t even announced a price [...]


BlackBerry is Offering $550 if You Give Up Your iPhone for a Passport

If you can’t keep up with the revolving door of BlackBerry CEOs, we’ll forgive you. The latest one, John Chen, has offered up a wild deal for existing iPhone users: trade your fruit product for theirs and they’ll give you up to $550 bucks. The promo runs from December 1 to February 13. Here’s how [...]


BlackBerry Passport Leaks: Large, Wide Phablet with a Square Screen

While the first half of 2014 has brought a slew of new Android and Windows Phone devices, and the second half of the year looks to be wide open for Apple, there’s another new device on the horizon: the BlackBerry Passport. We haven’t seen or heard much out of the dwindling Canadian smartphone maker for [...]


President Obama May Soon Trade His BlackBerry for an Android

A recent report from The Wall St. Journal says that the White House is in the early stages of testing Android phones from Samsung and LG to replace President Barack Obama’s BlackBerry. The President has used a modified BlackBerry from the White House since taking office in 2008. While the President uses an iPad for [...]


New BlackBerry CEO Says Their Next Phone Will Convert Android And iPhone Customers

They’re words we’ve heard numerous times before: the next BlackBerry will convert iPhone and Android users in droves. So far, none of Waterloo’s devices have lived up to those promises. As the company restructures, fires CEOs, continues massive layoffs, scraps product after product, and misses deadlines, we’re all left wondering if there’s any hope left [...]


Facebook Is Buying WhatsApp For Staggering $16 Billion

Facebook will soon complete its 45th acquisition since its inception 10 years ago. WhatsApp, a popular cross-platform smartphone messaging platform, is joining the Facebook family of companies. Facebook is paying a whopping $16 billion for the five year old company based in Mountain View, CA. The acquisition is, by far, the largest for the social [...]


This Study Finds iOS Users Are Smarter Than BlackBerry And Android Users

A recent study out of the UK shows some interesting results. In a group of 1,000 smartphone users, those who own an iPhone completed the test faster than those who own phones made by Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Google Nexus, and BlackBerry. iPhone owners completed the test, on average, in 94 seconds, while Android users averaged [...]


BlackBerry Writes A Letter To The World: You Can Count On Us

You’ve undoubtedly seen the headlines: “BlackBerry Shares Slide“, “BlackBerry’s Latest Death Spiral“, “How the BlackBerry Died“, “BlackBerry Market Share Plunges“, and on and on. It’s true: what once was a prospering $76 billion dollar company is now laying off 4,500 employees, seeing others leave for rivals like Apple and Samsung, consolidating operations, restructuring management, and [...]

Syria Secretary of State John Kerry

58% Of Members Of The U.S. House Of Representatives Have An iPhone, 23% Have A BlackBerry

NBC News did a feature last week about the smartphone preferences of members of Congress. Specifically, they looked at which OS the House of Representatives used most. Part of the results were predictable, while another part might surprise you. Both Democrats and Republicans favorited the iPhone by a large margin. No big surprise there. What [...]


It’s Official: BBM Coming To Android September 21; iPhone On September 22

I know there are still a few BlackBerry loyalists among us here on ZAGGblog, so I wanted to pass along the official word from BlackBerry: BBM will launch on Android September 21st (this Saturday) and on iOS September 22 (this coming Sunday). It’ll be a free download in both the Play Store and the App [...]

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