Mobile Blogging: WordPress gets a 3.0 update. Great features and improvements. (via @jkhowland)

Every once in a while while I’m out and mobile I pull out the WordPress app. The app has been anemic at best, and almost worthless for me. But in a pinch it did the job. Mobile Blogging The iOS App Store version 3.0 of WordPress has just recently been released. The release number is [...]


BlogFrog Raises $3.2 Million in Funding

One of the best parts of being a blogger is the interactions you make with other bloggers. Sometimes your virtual blogging friends become your closest friends, and you want to interact with them more than just through blog comments. Boulder, Colorado-based BlogFrog is a social media community platform that has been on the rise since [...]


My Mac Blogging Tools: TextWrangler, Markdown and Safari

Why I’m writing this: I was recently at a blogging meeting and discussed the tools that I use. Everyone seemed to think it sounded complicated. In truth, it is simple, elegant, and makes it very easy to search my blog posts for errors before posting. 3 Steps to Better Blog Content 1 – My first [...]


ZAGGfolio Blogging – For what it’s worth.

I never know what the line is on posting about ZAGG products, I don’t want to seem like I only promote the products because I am writing on the blog, so I’m cautious. I rely heavily on my laptop. I write quite a few posts for ZAGGblog each week. I tend to write in 1-2 [...]


Time Magazine names the top 30 Tumblr blogs

It’s hard to believe that Tumblr is already 5 years old. That’s like 35 in internet years. Or is that dog years? Either way, it’s definitely come a long way. Now the popular blogging platform gets over 15 billion pageviews a month. That staggering popularity led Time Magazine to do a profile of what it [...]


Promoting A Blog Post Through Social Media

When you go to the effort of publishing a first-rate blog post, you want it to be seen, read, and shared. Unless you are a seasoned blogger with a sizable audience, you likely have to put some effort in making your blog discoverable. There are several ways of getting your blog seen, such as using SEO-optimized keywords [...]


5 Tips for the Traveling Blogger

Since it is the traveling season, I figured this would be the perfect topic to blog about and coincidently I happen to be in the midst of going home to visit family for the holidays. Blogging can be extremely hard to accomplish when distractions lurk from every corner, so whether you are blogging for fun [...]


Swivl: The revolutionary iPhone and camera mount that follows you

The Swivl is a camera/phone mount that lets you actually do things while recording yourself. It rotates the camera to follow you wherever you go. Now you can move around without getting somebody else to record you. Who wants a Swivl? The Swivl is ideal for vlogging, FaceTime, and Google+ hangouts. How does it work? [...]


Spark Your Charitable Side With Sparked.com

I recently went on a date with a very attractive girl (I know, big shocker) which actually went very well.  Throughout the course of the date, the usual questions were asked, like “how many siblings do you have,” etc.  When she asked me what I do for fun, I told her that I do a [...]


Tasty Tech Tuesday: Preserving your Digital life

I don’t know about you guys but I love my online life. It’s practically everything I’m not: cool, awesome, and super hip. Well I’m joking, but honestly I love everything about the social networks I use. Enough love to introduce you to three ways to transform your digital life into reality. Now why would I [...]

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