QMote Is A Simple, Programmable Smart Remote For Your Mobile Devices

Think about the things your mobile device can do that you might want to control (or already do control) with some type of remote. Most smartphone headphones have remote controls for volume, skipping songs, or initiating a voice command feature like Siri, but there may be a host of other tasks your device could perform [...]

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Control Your Music Without Touching Your Device

The invention of the personal mp3 player made the entire world realize something we really knew for years: music makes everything better. Going for a run? Skiing the slopes? Roller skating at the park? Music will make all of these activities at least five times better. At least. Unfortunately, these activities undoubtedly come with their [...]


Apple Watch Will Play Music On Your Bluetooth Headphones Without Your iPhone

In a recent two-part interview with Charlie Rose, Tim Cook revealed quite a bit about Apple Watch that wasn’t mentioned in Apple’s keynote last week. When Rose asked about Apple Watch requiring an iPhone in order to work, Cook elaborated, saying: “It requires an iPhone, yes, because they’ve been designed to work together. [...] However, [...]


How To Check Into Your Room At Hilton Using Your Smartphone

The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Hilton Hotels is investing $550 million to replace all the door locks on more than 4,200 properties around the world. The project is expected to be complete next year and when finished, will allow guests to completely skip the check-in desk. The Hilton Hotels app already lets you [...]


XY Is An iOS & Android Tracking Tag Connecting You To What Matters Most

Modern life is all about connections. With our phones in-hand at all times, we’re connected to family and friends constantly through text and Facebook, and we’re even connected to strangers and the world through Twitter and other social media platforms. But when you lose something you’re connected to in real life, your connections can’t help [...]


Improve Your Fitness With Moov— The Latest Fitness Gadget

You guys, if you’re into fitness and have been looking for something more interactive and helpful than your Nike+ FuelBand, you may want to listen up. Coming this summer, Moov is a hyper intelligent gadget that connects via Bluetooth to your iOS device (Android coming this fall). It’s small, versatile, and unobtrusive, and you wear [...]


The Dash Are The First All-In-One Wireless Smart Headphones

The Dash was first conceived by Nikolaj Hviid, a Danish living in Germany.  His goal was to develop a discreet assistant that would “listen to my body, take care of me, it would entertain me, and enable me to do better.” Check out this great product on Kickstarter. The Dash is the world’s first Smart [...]


Hands On Video Review Of The iFrogz Coda POP Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s face it: the market for portable Bluetooth speakers is getting saturated. There are a ton of them out there, they all do practically the same thing, but vary when it comes to performance. If you’re looking for a solid contender on the lower end of the price spectrum, you’d be foolish not to consider [...]

Call Me Gloves

Bluetooth Gloves: Talk To The Hand

No need to take your phone out of your pocket on a cold winter day anymore. Just connect your gloves to your phone via Bluetooth and talk into your hand. These Call Me Gloves are available at several online retailers. Speaking on the phone is as easy as using the universal sign for “call me.” [...]


This Bike Lock Doesn’t Need A Key Because It Uses An App For Unlocking

Think about bike locks. Sure, there are high-end models that are deemed more secure than others, but when it comes to innovation — especially to the locking mechanisms — it’s always pretty much just been a key or a combination that stands between the security of your ride and a thief taking the bike away. [...]

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