You Control These AA Batteries With Your Smartphone [VIDEO]

AA batteries, for all the things they power in our lives, have remained relatively unchanged over the years. Sure, their power capacity may have increased a bit, but nothing Earth-shatteringly innovative has come in the AA battery space. A Kickstarter campaign for a new battery called the “Batthead” is hoping to change that, however. Batthead’s [...]


This Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Is Also A Showerhead

We’ve all done it. We’ve dragged a pair of old computer speakers or stereo into the bathroom to plug our music playing devices in while we shower. Whether we listen to music, pod casts, or audio books, sometimes the sound of the shower alone isn’t enough to get us through our morning routine. Thanks to [...]


Find Your Stuff With These Bluetooth Location Stickers

Last month I wrote about an iPhone case that came with sensors you could attach to objects such as your keys, and with the two gadgets paired together, you could either use the case to find your keys, or your keys to find your case. It was a neat idea, but a new location-sensing idea [...]


Keycard Is A Brilliant, Simple Way To Keep Your Mac Secure When Unattended

Keycard is a Mac application that locks your computer when you walk away, and unlocks it again when you return, just by pairing with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Why You Need It Whether you’re using a Mac that never leaves the desk (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro), or a MacBook that moves [...]

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No need to carry or pull this suitcase: It follows you around via Bluetooth connection

Hop! is the name of the suitcase of the future. The sensors can be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone and the Hop! will follow it’s owner around. You have to watch this to believe it. Here is a definition from the idea man himself: A microcontroller interprets these signals calculating the phone’s position regarding to [...]


The Bluetooth Speaker For Your Bike

There are a lot of solutions for speakers in your house. Especially if you still have a 30 Pin device. Hopefully there will be docks and speakers that use the Lightning connector soon. In the meantime, there is always Bluetooth. Going mobile The awesome thing about the iPhone is that it’s mobile music. You always [...]


A flat disk that folds into a bluetooth mouse, and unfolds into a CD

I tend to use the trackpad even when I have a bluetooth mouse sitting on my desk. I also have a laptop that has no optical drive. If neither of these two things were true, I’d likely hope for a world where this foldable mouse concept were possible. Designer Taewon Hwang came up with the clever [...]


Check Out This Bluetooth Steering Wheel Command Center

This Bluetooth speakerphone attaches right to your steering wheel to provide easier hands-free conversations while driving. The device includes a 5-hour rechargeable battery, 2-watt speakers with noise cancelation technology and a DC car adapter. The LCD display screen has caller ID, allowing users to accept or reject calls with the click of a button. Other [...]


Spotify Is Now On Your iPad

Until recently, premium subscribers to Spotify that wanted to use the service on their iPad had to make do with running the iPhone app. Now all that has changed, and the new app brings features to the table that many iPad users will appreciate. Spotify’s developers considered use-case for the iPad while crafting the new [...]


Insane Kickstarter Success: The Pebble Watch Syncs With Your Smartphone

The Pebble, an incredible watch that works with your smart phone, has already Simply beautiful The apps, how easy it is to download apps, the clock faces, the watch itself… everything about the Pebble looks beautiful. As you’d expect, the Pebble uses Bluetooth. I was hoping it would have Bluetooth 4.0, but 2.1 is good enough. The [...]

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