Twitter’s Ads – How they will target you

Twitter Relevant Ads Twitter has been ironing out the kinks of advertising for some time now, and is now making it possible for advertisers to target users with more relevant ads. On [Facebook] users explicitly declare their interests on their profiles and through clicking “like” buttons woven throughout the Web and apps everywhere. Twitter doesn’t [...]

Android Phone Google Play Error

Google *beta* Play goes through growing pains

Earlier Google Play had a bug. That’s vague, sorry. Google Play has had bugs on mulpitle recent occasions. Not much less vague I guess. March 26th bug Would you like a random Russian MTC Mobile Mail app installed on your device? Oh you wouldn’t? Too bad, there was an automatic update for a carrier-installed app [...]


Should Apple Create A Siri Status Page?

The iPhone 4S battery was having some trouble, and Apple did ‘the right thing’. But Sascha Segan seems to think the lack of public explanation for the Siri problems in a terrible oversight. Unlike with a complex handset bug that needs lots of testing to verify, it’s relatively easy for Apple to know its servers [...]