This Business Card Does More Than You Can Imagine

If you’ve been to a business conference lately, you know people are still utilizing the most standard, most boring way to give their basic information to others—the business card. SwivelCard is going to change all that. It’s a premium paper business card that includes a USB drive. Yeah. Check it out: With this technology, when [...]


The Heaviest Business Card That Will Pop Your Cap

I’m currently attending #SMMW13 (that’s Social Media Marketing World if you weren’t sure).  Every conference I attend means a new business card that gets my attention. This is the business card of note for #SMMW13 with mine alongside for comparison: @JayBaer – no surprise that he hands out something unique (and functional!).  Jay’s business card [...]


Use CardMunch To Ditch Traditional Business Cards

LinkedIn has announced what may be the best way yet to get rid of traditional paper business cards. While its not an alternative to the business card per se, you won’t have to save a big pile of business cards or enter the information manually ever again. It’s called CardMunch. It is a free iPhone [...]