There’s A $30 Per Month, Unlimited Web And Text Plan On T-Mobile

These days, mobile phone plans are looking more like cable packages: overpriced and forced to buy pieces you don’t want or need. 1000 mandatory phone minutes anyone? If this rings true for you, you may be interested to see what plan CNET unearthed from T-Mobile recently. The plan boasts 5GB of 4G data, unlimited texts [...]


Take Hold of All Your Groceries in One Trip. Don’t break your fingers.

Grocery bags can get heavy. When you’re a bachelor you have no clue. I ran to the grocery store and picked up a couple pot pies, and frozen pizzas. When you buy lots of groceries it can get intense. Achy Fingers You have a choice, you can make 4 trips to the car, or you [...]


Which Networks Does the iPhone 4S Work On?

Since the release of the iPhone in 2007 the big debate in the US has been which carrier would be the next one to get the iPhone. Around the launch of each new iPhone there has always been big speculation on when the AT&T-iPhone contract would end. Finally in Janurary of this year Verizon announced [...]


White iPhone 4. Really? Really?

Okay, this is almost becoming sort of a joke. The Apple rumor sites are claiming once again that the  fabled white iPhone 4 will finally be making its debut in the next couple of weeks. Sadly its not a joke that it won’t really be happening, but it’s a joke that they may actually release [...]