BMW’s New Laser-Guided Car Will Park Itself via a Button on Your Smartwatch

You can’t get one yet, but BMW plans on unveiling a technology-packed version of its i3 coupe, which you’ll be able to control from your smartwatch. For the foreseeable future though, you probably won’t want to.  In a press release, BMW says you should expect only a “possibility of entirely collision-free driving.” Wait, what? That’s [...]


Google Partners with the Same Major Automakers as Apple to Bring Android to Your Next New Car

Yesterday at Google I/O in San Francisco, Google announced a new partnership with major automakers Audi, Honda, Hyundai, and GM to bring a vehicle-friendly version of Android to your dashboard. Hardware maker Nvidia is also part of the partnership, presumably to manufacture some of the processing components for future infotainment systems. You may recall earlier [...]

toytoa 6-11

Toyota Hints That Hover Car Is In The Works

With Googles’ unveiling of their driverless car, you may have thought the future if the automobile has arrived… well Toyota has upped the ante with their hover car announcement. At Bloomberg‘s Next Big Thing conference in Sausalito, California on Tuesday, Toyota’s managing officer Hiroyoshi Yoshiki said that Toyota is making initial attempts to build a hover car [...]


Google Unveils New Driverless Car Prototype And It May Be The Cutest Car Ever

We’ve known Google has been developing self-driving cars for quite a while now. But the latest iteration of the work from Google’s self-driving car program was debuted this week at the CODE Conference, and the results are as cute as they are awesome. The new version of Google’s self-driving car — which it’s important to [...]


How to: Watch TV Shows Like Top Gear on BBC from the US

I’m a huge fan of Top Gear. Not the lame, knock off version put on here in the U.S., but the version that airs on BBC 2 in the UK. The version with Jeremy, Richard, James, and the Stig. Basically, the only version that matters. If, like me, you want to watch Top Gear live [...]


Volvo Is Creating Self-Driving Cars

Google’s had self-driving vehicles on the streets of the U.S. of A. for a couple years now, but Swedish automaker Volvo is now throwing its own hat in the ring. In an ongoing experimental program called “Drive Me,” the company plans to unleash 100 cars on the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden by year 2017. Already, [...]

Automatic Car Syncing System

This App Will Diagnose Your Car’s Check Engine Light And Alert Family If You Crash

When the check engine light comes on in your car, you generally have to take your vehicle to a mechanic who can then connect to your car’s computer and diagnose the cause of the alert. A new gadget that plugs in to your car’s computer and syncs with a smartphone app will put that diagnosis [...]


Tesla’s Android App Is Drool-Worthy

If you’re looking for a car that offers more tech options than any other, the Tesla Model S has to be towards the top of your list. From the enormous capacitive touch screen display with built-in Google Maps and WiFi hotspot for everyone in the car, to the battery and motor that power it, the [...]


Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Hyundai, And Kia Will Feature Google Maps Integration

Regardless of what smartphone or tablet you use, you’re likely already very familiar with Google Maps. They have undoubtedly created the most comprehensive and complete database of mapping data; from simple 2D road maps, to personalized My Maps which groups can customize and build upon, to Street View, Satellite View, and Google Earth, as well as navigation [...]


Tesla Model S vs. Twin-Turbo BMW M5

I’m a big fan of the work of Elon Musk and the incredibly talented team at Tesla. Here’s a video pitting the fully-electric Model S against a twin-turbo M5. You may be able to guess the outcome, since the video wouldn’t be notable otherwise. So, are you impressed? Or are you impressed? —– You should [...]

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