Police Officer Claims Cell Phone Is A Weapon And Arrests Man

A San Diego man was arrested after refusing to hand over his cell phone.  It all started when the accused was stopped by a police officer who issued a citation for smoking  on a San Diego boardwalk.  The San Diego man began to film the police officer with his cell phone as the officer was [...]

Your Next iPhone May be Waterproof

Your Next iPhone May be Waterproof

One of the trends at CES this year was waterproofing films that look to make a splash this year in mobile consumer gadgets like phones and MP3 players. HZO got the most buzz after releasing this video: HZO is a spray, that when applied, creates a thin waterproof film to block water from affecting the [...]


5G speeds already around the corner

Researchers at Rice University have found a way to double the capacity of existing cell phone networks without adding new towers. It’s called full-duplex wireless technology. Normally, cell phone towers have separate frequencies for download and upload. Now because of this breakthrough at Rice, towers can download and upload on the same frequency essentially doubling [...]

Folded Leaf Phone

Folded Leaf Phone

The mobile industry today has bombarded us with the newest and best technological advances – and they don’t seem to be slowing down. We are offered faster and faster Internet connections, thousands of apps to download, and a myriad of other features. One architect design firm is rebelling against this trend. Claesson Koivisto Rune has [...]


Funny Old-school Cell Phone Commercials

Many of you readers may remember the early 90s and the “Saved By The Bell” cell phone.  I sure do, I remember seeing the character Zack pull out his huge honkin’ cell phone and call people.  It was cool back then, but hilarious in retrospect.  If someone were to carry such a huge phone around [...]


Organize Your Gadgetry!

I often find myself sitting at my desk wondering how I got so many gadgets.  My desk is cluttered with them; I’ve got my cell phone, my laptop, my mouse, my speaker system, 2 iPods, and my Canon Rebel camera.  Having all of this stuff is nice, but sometimes having too many gadgets can get [...]


Helping you feel the “G’s”

1G, 2G, red G, blue G? “So you’re saying the 2G iPhone had 3G?” You probably kind of know what 3G is. That’s the thing you pay for each month that gives you ‘internets’ wherever you go. Before that you must have had 2G something, but that was referred to as “EDGE” or “GPRS”, now [...]


Find the Best Mobile Carrier for Your Location

With all of the big and little cellphone network carriers out there, it is hard to know which one is best for you. Imagine if someone could tell you the best carrier for you based on your location? Well, there’s an app for that. OpenSignalMap is a breakout app that has caused quite a stir. [...]