ZAGG earns CES 2012 “Best mobile accessory line” award from TRG

ZAGG was named the “Best mobile accessory line” in The Real Geeks CES 2012 Best of Show Awards. CES is chock-full of mobile accessories, so it’s flattering that ZAGG earned “Best mobile accessory line.” TRG explains why they chose ZAGG: “ZAGG made a big splash at CES 2012 by offering a full line of mobile accessories in [...]


Cool stuff at CES 2012: Cubify’s 3D printer takes 3D printing to your home.

Yep. These were shoes were printed with a 3D printer by Cubify. 3D printers have done some pretty awesome things since 2003. For example, 3D printers helped create 3D chocolate treats and the throwable 360º panorama ball. Print at home or have it delivered You can get the Cube 3D printer for $1,299. If that’s too [...]


My CES 2012 Photo Album [20 photos]

CES was a wild, wild ride. Here are some photos I took this week… 3M’s multi-touch screens were cool. 40 inches of touch screen. Blog post on this here. Some of LG’s large touch screens. Interesting concept for a tablet keyboard. Blog post on this here. A gadget to help you take “MySpace-esque” photos. Blog [...]


The coolest thing at CES 2012: The Super Thin LG OLED TV

Want inside coverage of CES 2012?  Look no further than the ZAGGblog!  We’ve got our own inside man taking footage and pictures of all the coolest stuff from CES.  This post is about one of the coolest things found there so far; the 55” LG OLED TV. Why is this TV so cool?  Because it’s [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: The Lamborghini Avantador

CES 2012 continues to show some really cool and nifty gadgets, not the least of which is the new Lamborghini Avantador. Named after a bull from a famous bullfight in 1993, the Avantador boasts that it is 1 bull taming 700 horses, from which we may correctly understand that the Avantador is a 700 horsepower [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Winbot, The Window Cleaning Robot

After moving back in to my apartment from Christmas Break, I saw that the guys who had repainted the walls in my room left a lot of dust, dirt, and even paint streaks on the windows in my room.  No matter how much I Windexed them, the paint wouldn’t come off completely.  Pretty soon my [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Unique Mobile Keyboarding Options

One interesting find from this year’s CES is the myType keyboard, a creative and very flexible tablet keyboard idea. To begin with, the keys on the left side of the keyboard are positioned so that when the keyboard is folded in half, the keys interlock with each other so that it folds up nicely.  The [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Bamboo keyboard, mouse, and calculator

Unique ideas from Impecca.

zagg at CES

CES Photos: An inside look as CES sets up.

CES starts tomorrow. Here’s an inside look as companies rapidly prepare for the year’s biggest tech event. aigoCloud plans to make wireless sharing easier. It looks like Verizon & OnStar are going to make the road an awesome place to browse the web, provided you’re not driving.

HzO WaterBlock Technology: A definite game changer

HzO WaterBlock Technology: A definite game changer

Every once in a while something comes along in the tech world that you immediately sit up and take notice of. News feeds are usually filled with new technology promising larger hard drives, longer lasting batteries and faster chipsets, so its not everyday that you see a company touting water resistant technology, on the INSIDE, [...]

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