Here’s the 110-inch TV That Will Set You Back $300,000

Westinghouse showed up to CES with this bad boy: a 110-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. If that blows your mind, the price tag might stop your heart. It’ll be a “made-to-order” product, expected to retail for $300,000. It’s probably safe to say they’ll sell a few, but the line won’t be forming around the block [...]


The Pebble Smartwatch Everyone Is Talking About

Remember the Pebble? We told you about it last May, when it raised more than $10 million USD on Kickstarter. I backed the project, and have been waiting (and waiting) for it to enter production. Today at CES, the company announced that they’re going to begin shipping the Pebble to Kickstarter backers on January 23, [...]


Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Hyundai, And Kia Will Feature Google Maps Integration

Regardless of what smartphone or tablet you use, you’re likely already very familiar with Google Maps. They have undoubtedly created the most comprehensive and complete database of mapping data; from simple 2D road maps, to personalized My Maps which groups can customize and build upon, to Street View, Satellite View, and Google Earth, as well as navigation [...]

Speculation begins that Samsung will announce Galaxy S IV at CES in January

Speculation begins that Samsung will announce Galaxy S IV at CES in January

A video released by Samsung this week has ignited speculation that the tech firm will announce plans for its “next big thing,” the Samsung Galaxy S IV, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month. The video, named “Get Ready (Teaser)”, features a lot of words flashing across the screen. 2013. The World [...]


ZAGG earns CES 2012 “Best mobile accessory line” award from TRG

ZAGG was named the “Best mobile accessory line” in The Real Geeks CES 2012 Best of Show Awards. CES is chock-full of mobile accessories, so it’s flattering that ZAGG earned “Best mobile accessory line.” TRG explains why they chose ZAGG: “ZAGG made a big splash at CES 2012 by offering a full line of mobile accessories in [...]


Will.i.am is a huge tech geek

Will.i.am has some pretty impressive credentials: International recording artist Grammy winner Super Bowl performer Producer and front man for the Black Eyed Peas Wrote music for over 95 movies Actor  (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Rio, Madagascar 2) But as it turns out, he also has some pretty impressive Geek credentials as well. CNN recently did an [...]


You’ll love these 4 oddball gadgets from CES

This month, the who’s who of the tech world descended on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show to show off their newest products. Many of them made headlines while many more went unnoticed. Here are some of my favorites that may have gone unnoticed. The Sphero Ball – this little robotic toy is sure [...]


Use Your Smartphone to Find Lost Keys

Cobra Electronics unveiled an app at CES 2012 that will help you find your lost stuff. The Cobra Tag G5 uses a combination of key fob-like physical tags and an iPhone app to help you keep track of things like car keys or your wallet. The app uses a combination  of GPS and Smart Bluetooth [...]


What is Gorilla Glass 2 and Does It Work?

It seems to me that CES is only indirectly about the consumer, but I might be missing something. Gorilla Glass is making a move. They’ve been able to make the glass 20% thinner. Corning has already had a lot of success getting their glass in electronics by selling to the manufacturers. They’re in the iPhones, [...]

50 Cent Talks Waterproof Headphones at CES

50 Cent Talks Waterproof Headphones at CES

HZO, a startup from Utah, is quickly becoming the talk of the tech world. HZO’s WaterBlock technology is receiving lots of praise from the media and was one of the highlights at CES this year. Their product allows you to waterproof your electronic gadgets – everything from smartphones to iPod Nanos. Rather than use a [...]

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