Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Unique Mobile Keyboarding Options

One interesting find from this year’s CES is the myType keyboard, a creative and very flexible tablet keyboard idea. To begin with, the keys on the left side of the keyboard are positioned so that when the keyboard is folded in half, the keys interlock with each other so that it folds up nicely.  The [...]

MacBook Air Could Be Even Thinner According to Intel

Intel: Apple’s MacBook Air Could Be 66% Thinner (Ready)

Intel has been making waves with it’s new Ultrabook initiative. In an effort to spread it’s eggs amongst the baskets of various PC manufacturers, Intel has designed a basic form factor for manufacturers to use in developing incredibly thin laptops to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air. During a presentation at CES today, Intel revealed exactly [...]

visio PC

VIZIO To Expand Their Product Line From TVs to PCs

Vizio, a budget flat-panel television company out of California, plans to make a significant shift in their product line. They have unveiled their new affordable personal computer line at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While the TV market has been flat over the last two years, PC sales are on the rise. [...]


New ZAGG Products Showcased at CES

As many of you know, CES is currently going on in Las Vegas, Nevada, and ZAGG is making sure to represent itself well.  Along with all the other cool stuff being shown off at CES this year, ZAGG is showcasing some new, classy products that will be sure to turn the head of any gadget-lover. [...]

zagg at CES

CES Photos: An inside look as CES sets up.

CES starts tomorrow. Here’s an inside look as companies rapidly prepare for the year’s biggest tech event. aigoCloud plans to make wireless sharing easier. It looks like Verizon & OnStar are going to make the road an awesome place to browse the web, provided you’re not driving.


Samsung Planning a big TV release for CES

Samsung has released a teaser video of what it will be announcing this week at CES. The video came out just about the same time that Google TV announced the many new partners that it has. As you can see Samsung is in the list of new partners that will offer TV’s powered with Google [...]

HzO WaterBlock Technology: A definite game changer

HzO WaterBlock Technology: A definite game changer

Every once in a while something comes along in the tech world that you immediately sit up and take notice of. News feeds are usually filled with new technology promising larger hard drives, longer lasting batteries and faster chipsets, so its not everyday that you see a company touting water resistant technology, on the INSIDE, [...]


Will We See Android@Home Products at CES?

Back at Google IO last year a new framework for Android was announced called Google@Home with a ADK (Accessory Development Kit). Google@Home is Google’s way of bringing home automation to the every day consumer. See the video below for the full update of what types of products Google expects to see with this new integration. [...]


2012: The Year of Higher Resolutions

Take a second and look back at 2011 and think about what product every company was trying to make in 2011. Do you have your answer? Tablets, it was definitely the year of tablets. The first one of 2011 was the Motorola Xoom that was announced at CES and then of course the iPad 2 came out [...]

Steve fBallmer’s keynote

Microsoft isn’t coming back to CES 2013

Though CES is “pleased to welcome Microsoft back to the CES keynote stage” this year, it looks like Microsoft won’t be coming back next year. After the 2012 CES, Microsoft will no longer be participating in the Consumer Electronics Show. What companies do at CES CES hosts keynotes, concerts, and other events as a way [...]

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