Facebook’s New App Brings Back the Old Chat Rooms…With a Personalized Twist

If there’s one thing you can say about Facebook, it’s this: it never remains the same. It’s changed the way we connect with others, and it’s changed the way we waste time at work. But Facebook is continuing its innovations outside of the web and mobile application its known for and entering new territory with [...]


Yik Yak Is Built As The App That Tells You What Is Happening Around You, But Is It Actually Doing That?

In a world of self-destructing pictures (Snapchat), and anonymous messages are shared freely (Secret and Whisper), is there space for another app that lets users anonymously and, by and large, without fear of repurcussions, share messages? The makers of Yik Yak think so, and they’ve got $1.5 million in venture capital funding backing them up. [...]


Facebook Explains Why ‘Messenger’ App Requires So Many Permissions for Android

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple weeks, you’ve likely heard of (or been one of the people sharing) the Huffington Post article insighting fear into Android users about Facebook’s Messenger app requiring an admittedly extensive list of permissions to access your device. On face value, it sounds creepy. To use [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Customizing your Facebook Chat Privacy

Ever had that one friend on Facebook who deliberately goes out of their way to chat you every time you sign on? Has it ever gotten to the point where you have to go offline just so they won’t bombard you with useless nonsense and unwanted chatter? Well fear no more, there is a solution [...]


How-to: Facebook chat with Apple’s new Messages app

You can use Apple’s new Messages app to chat with your friends on Facebook. Here’s how to set it up: Go to Messages in the Messages Click Preferences (or use the keyboard shortcut: ⌘,) Select Accounts Add an account by clicking the + sign, which takes you here: Account Type: Jabber Account Name: you@chat.facebook.com Get [...]

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Google: Please Consolidate Your Messaging Services

So you want to contact someone but you are not sure which is the best way other than calling them. You first try to send them a Google Chat message but their status is away. You then send them text them with no reply and lastly try the messenger in Google+ to get your message [...]

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Google Talk Video Calling on Android

Have you been dying to make video calls on your Android device over Google Talk? Well, die no more. Yesterday, with the announcement of Android 2.3.4., Google has brought Google Talk video calling to the Nexus S and eventually other phones running the “Gingerbread” version of Android. With the update, will you not only be [...]


OMG they added LOL to the Oxford Dictionary!

Perhaps I blame my generation for this setback, or maybe it was inevitable. I don’t really know what the cause is, but the Oxford English Dictionary just released its new version which included LOL, OMG and <heart>. As in, “I heart _______), something most commonly seen by the “I <3 NY” t-shirts. Now I understand [...]


YoBongo: Changing the Way We Chat

Yobongo is one of those new and up-coming companies that will be making their debut presentation at the SXSW festival, an event for impendent filmmakers, music artists, and interactive technology geniuses. This new company has created an app that is revolutionizing the way we chat. Yobongo allows you to connect to other iPhone users nearby [...]

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Built-in Chrome Gmail Notifications

I love Gmail, and almost anything related to Google. So it was a big deal for me when Google introduced the Gmail notifications earlier this week. If you are like me you check your inboxes probably every ten minutes, and there is nothing wrong with that. But with these new notifications you will no longer need [...]