Sprint Has A New Phone Just For Kids Called The “WeGo”

With the goal of bringing connectivity to kids and peace of mind to parents, Sprint just announced the WeGo phone for kids. It’s available in most Sprint stores nationwide for $0 down and 24 monthly installment payments of $5. You can also buy it outright for $120. The phone is what most of us would [...]


14-Month-Old Buys Car On eBay, Parents Happy About It

Nothing beats the convenience of a smartphone app. That is, unless it’s a little too convenient. Enter 14 month old Sorella Stoute: juice drinker, trouble maker, car buyer. The young gearhead got a hold of her Dad’s smartphone and launched the eBay app. A few Cheerio crumb-smeared taps later, she had bought a 1962 Austin [...]


This App Scans And Grades Your Food

I thought I cared about the food I ate before I had a baby.  Growing up in Northern California and Southern Oregon, you could find alternative grocery stores, similar to what Whole Foods is now, far more easily than a big name grocer.  But after becoming a parent, I quickly realized I was very liberal [...]


MySocius iPad App Helps Kids With Autism Communicate

Since the iPad first hit the market in 2010, it’s revolutionized the way people approach technology for a variety of different tasks. It’s used in more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies and it’s already been put to use in thousands of school across the US and around the world. It’s also helping children with [...]


Hey Photographers: Mount A Smartphone To Your DSLR And Get The Attention Of Toddlers

Taking pictures of a child between 9 and 24 months old can be rough. They never seem to sit still, and certainly won’t look into the camera. how do you get their attention? Look Lock® System TetherTools has a sweet little product that will hold your phone for the little child to look at. That [...]


The Pet Radar

It happens to all of us. Our precious dog or cat runs away the second we leave the gate open. Hours are spent searching and calling out for them and sometimes we never even see those precious pets again! Luckily, there’s the Pet Loc8tor. The pet Loc8tor seems pretty brilliant considering your pets may run [...]


Is World of Warcraft Giving Up On the U.S.?

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria may not be all that people are hoping it to be.  The upcoming expansion for the MMORPG giant World of Warcraft promises to be a very…interesting expansion on the game.  A new playable race, Pandaren, ( a very panda-like race) seem to me to be a little too cute [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement is all about Student Engagement

“If you’re a HS student in the US, it’s not so easy. Not only social pressures. Stats show that if you enter as a freshman, you have a 70 percent chance of graduating in 4 years. Worse in worse-off areas. Technology can change this. It can make things better.” – Phil Schiller. Not just a [...]


Baby-proof your iPhone with the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case

Have a little one?  Have an iPhone?  Ever noticed how babies are drawn to iPhones like a moth to a flame, but really are about as compatible as oil and water? The drooling, the dropping, the accidentally calling your boss or 911…yikes.  Fortunately Fisher Price caught on to this and created the Laugh & Learn [...]

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How To Involve Your Kids In Social Media Without Facebook

I have been involved in countless social networking sites over the past decade. I also have an 11 year old daughter who is always interested in what I’m doing online. Currently, Facebook’s terms of service do not allow children on their site before age 13. Despite many parents allowing their kids to lie about their [...]

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