Chinese form mobs, throw eggs after being denied iPhone 4S

How badly do you want to get your hands on the newest version of the iPhone? A lot of people here in the U.S. are willing to camp out overnight just for the sake of being one of the very first with that shiny new product, but would you want it badly enough to risk [...]


Want a free iPhone 4S? Move to China

After months of negotiations and regulatory setbacks, Apple has finally announced that it is releasing the iPhone 4S in China. China Unicom, which is China’s second largest carrier, will be the sole provider of the iPhone. It currently boasts 200 million subscribers – roughly 2/3 the entire population of the US. It is is offering [...]


Apple and Samsung sitting in tree… Fighting like an old married couple.

The relationship between Samsung and Apple seems so complex. To us it is unclear how they can rely on each other so much for business on one side, and fight so gruesomely for intelectual property on the other side. The rumors are heating up that Apple is working with Samsung to produce the iPad 3 [...]

Apple Announces Launch Of New Tablet Computer

Have you heard this one yet? iPad to be released on somebody special’s birthday.

What’s the date then? It’s Steve Jobs’ birthday, which is on February 24th. Where does this rumor come from? “Focus Taiwan citing the Economic Daily News as reporting that Apple’s rumored iPad 3 will hit shelves to mark the birthday of the late Jobs. The detail apparently comes from sources in the iPad supply chain [...]


$2,000 for an iPhone 4S. Only in China.

As some of you might know, Apple has as yet to launch its new iPhone 4S in China. From a few bloggers and websites we hearing that the new device is already selling in Beijing’s gray market for $2,000. A vendor in one of Beijing’s Zhongguancun electronics markets said he was selling the 32GB version [...]


Super Thin, Smart, and New iPhone Keyboard Design

I think we all have visited a sweet Kickstarter project and thought: “Why the heck hasn’t somebody already done this”. Here’s a project you can see at This is the kind of product idea that makes your jaw drop. Jing Yang of eico Motion Lab in China has designed an iPhone keyboard he calls [...]


Blizzard Entertainment To Allow Selling of Game Gold for Real Money

Even if you’re not a huge gamer, you’ve probably heard of Blizzard Entertainment by now, the gaming industry giant that is responsible for hugely successful game titles like Starcraft and World of Warcraft.  One of their other popular lines of games includes the Diablo series.  The newest game in the series, Diablo III, is set [...]


Apple Store Imposters

Pretty much all of Asia, from Russia to Singapore, has become forcibly linked in my mind with pirated products. CDs and DVDs, certainly, but also software, electronics, even neckties. It’s a rampant problem on the other side of the world, and governments are having a difficult time keeping the piracy contained. Just to illustrate how [...]


World of Warcraft Theme Park?

You’re likely aware of the hit game World of Warcraft by now.  If not, you must admit to yourself that you’ve been living under a rock…buried deep beneath the Earth.  World of Warcraft has been heralded as the greatest game of all time and also as one of the most evil/addicting things someone could be [...]


China Now The Second Largest Market For App Store Downloads

China is now the second largest market for downloading apps in Apple’s App Store, according to an independent study by Distimo. While the U.S. is the largest market. The Distimo study found that in the last six months, the total number of downloads in Asia grew significantly, while downloads in the western countries dropped. Unfortunately [...]

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