Sorry Android, the iPhone Won Christmas

A new report indicates Apple’s iPhone was the most popular smartphone sold (and thus, gifted) this holiday season. The folks at Flurry, who track the analytics data of some 600,000 mobile apps, reported that the iPhone and iPad accounted for 51.3% of smartphones and tablets activated between December 19th and 25th. These numbers are for [...]


Your Kids Will Be Excited: Google Has Updated its ‘Santa Tracker’ Website and Apps

Just in time for the holidays, Google has updated the Santa Tracker website and mobile apps. Well, the Android version anyway. There isn’t currently a version of the app available for iPhone users. Each day closer to Christmas, you’ll be able to check back to see the progress of Santa and the reindeer as they [...]

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This Christmas Card App Will Save You Time, And Maybe Even Save Christmas

Yes, this is the most wonderful time of the year. For many, this is also the busiest time of the year. We are shopping, celebrating, partying, and making time for more traditions than any other time of the year. One of these timely traditions is that of the Christmas Card. We want to be able [...]


This Lucky Girl Got Bill Gates As Her Reddit Secret Santa

What does the world’s second richest man, worth an estimated $67 billion dollars, buy a stranger from the internet for Christmas? Maybe he buys her a Lamborghini. Or maybe he pays off her credit cards and student loans. Maybe he buys her a new house on a white sandy beach. If you’re on the edge [...]


How Will You Track Santa This Year?

Everyone is busy this month trying to keep track of what is going on and getting everything ready for the holidays, but I can’t imagine anybody busier or more stressed than Santa Claus.  We have a couple options this year for how to track Santa’s location on his busiest day of the year.  Both Google [...]


The Best Christmas Music Playlists On Spotify, Pandora, And 8tracks

When it comes down to it, there really aren’t that many Christmas songs, but boy are there a lot of variations.  Here are some stations and playlists to get you started this season.  As always, your station will be personalized to you the more you like/dislike songs.  Technology is awesome. Pandora All I Want For [...]

10 People Who Got ZAGG Products For Christmas

When it comes to gifts, receiving a ZAGG product for Christmas is as good as it gets. Here are 10 people so excited about their new ZAGG products that they tweeted about it: Got my zagg keyboard for my ipad :) Merry Christmas everyone! #Christmas #MerryChristmas #PeaceOnEarth #Joytotheworld — J C (@la_pulse) December 25, 2012 It’s [...]


Don’t hang Christmas lights up this year. Just Photoshop Christmas lights on your house. Here’s a guide.

If climbing ladders and crawling on the roof isn’t for you, you could learn a thing or two from Corey Barker, who created the above image. But, if I hadn’t told you so, you’d never know the original image was of the same house, but taken during broad daylight, and most definitely barren of any [...]


This is what a robot flash mob looks like [video]

We’re big fans of Sphero, the robotic ball. Here, the developers have sync’d 28 of them with some Christmas music and performed the equivalent to a robot flash mob at Union Square in NYC. Check out the video above. If you’re interested in a Sphero of your own, you can get them directly from Apple [...]


If you love using a laser to play with your cat, this gadget is for you

You know there is more than just humans that need gifts for Christmas. Pets need gifts as well. CoolestGadgets has a fun laser toy that your cat or dog will enjoy. You’ve probably sent your pet chasing a little red dot with a laser pointer before. This is a game where the toy plays with [...]

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