Discover Breaking News Stories Before It Trends

Trending topics on Twitter will tell you what’s being discussed in your city, state, or country, but in between #beliebers and #sports, there could be relevant #breakingnews happening that may not be on the Twittersphere’s radar just yet. And if it is, it’s too late for journalists to, well, break the story. For the last [...]


What is Gorilla Glass 2 and Does It Work?

It seems to me that CES is only indirectly about the consumer, but I might be missing something. Gorilla Glass is making a move. They’ve been able to make the glass 20% thinner. Corning has already had a lot of success getting their glass in electronics by selling to the manufacturers. They’re in the iPhones, [...]


Is Gorilla Glass scratch proof?

Nobody does Myth Busters the way ZAGG does Myth Busters. Just ask Drew and his Gorilla Glass scratch test. You need only Google Gorilla Glass Scratch Test, it’s a YouTube video. Reporting from CES in a recent article, CNN posted that Gorilla Glass is thinner than ever. But it’s still… Not any less resistant to [...]


Why I Use Twitter

This post may be irrelevant to quite a few of you, but I wanted to write specifically to those readers who are afraid/uninterested in using Twitter.  I know you’re out there! I’m going to explain why Twitter is awesome and how it’s not as stupid as many non-users tend to believe.  I used to be [...]


Has Apple Become A Religion?

Whenever I see Mac fans these days (also called Macheads), it makes me think back to the famous 1984 commercial where Apple pits itself against “big brother”.  Oh how times have changed!  If any company could be labeled as “big brother” these days, I would definitely have to say it is Apple.  The brand recently [...]


Official Steve Jobs Biography To Be Published

Well, it looks like people will finally hear the story of Steve Jobs from the black turtle-necked man himself. Jobs has apparently agreed to participate in a long awaited authorized biography to be published by Simon & Schuster. The title of the book will be iSteve: The Book of Jobs and is slated to be [...]


Al-Jazeera Wants to Move Network to the US

I would hope that everyone has the global awareness concerning the recent upheavals in Egypt. The implications of what happens there are profound on the global scale, and the riots and protests were covered by nearly all international media outlets. The one thing that was mildly disappointing however, was the lack of coverage concerning the [...]