Students At These 12 Colleges Can Borrow A Chromebook For Free

This fall, Google’s education arm is launching a new program at 12 universities that will let students borrow Chromebook laptops for free. The caveat here is, however, that the loaners will only be available while Google is on the schools’ campuses. The program is called the “Chromebook Lending Library” and will let students check out [...]


[Back to School] Top 10 iPad Apps for Better Studying, Productivity, and Fun

I did it. I dropped the dreaded ‘S’ word: school. While Summer break is still in full swing, you’ll soon face the reality that is back to school shopping. We’ve know a lot of you are picking up (or already have) iPads for the upcoming school year, and so we figured – what better time [...]


Free College Textbooks Are Now Being Offered By This Online Education Provider

Coursera is an online education platform that partners with more than 30 universities around the world to deliver high-quality college-level courses to anyone on the Internet, for free. The Coursera experience is generally regarded as being one of the catalysts for changing the way we think of higher education, and has caused some to question [...]

retina MBP 13 display

Everything you need to know about the new Retina MacBook Pro

My 15” Retina MacBook Pro is one of the most amazing machines I’ve ever owned. However it is very expensive, and hardly a mass market computer. The new 13” Retina MacBook Pro may be a step in the direction of a more broad adoption of Retina capable computers. Thin like the MacBook Air The new [...]


NCSU researchers develop an electronic interface that allows them to remotely control cockroaches

North Carolina State University researchers have developed an electronic interface that allows them to remotely control cockroaches. “Our aim was to determine whether we could create a wireless biological interface with cockroaches, which are robust and able to infiltrate small spaces,” says Alper Bozkurt, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at NC State and co-author [...]


The Ridiculously Automated Dorm Room

In a really cool way to get buddies and chicks into his dorm room, Derek Low has completely automated his dorm room with an alarm, homework mode, and an emergency party mode for only ‘a few hundred dollars’. He calls it BRAD, short for Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm. Here it is: Aside from using Justin [...]

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Save Money, Rent Digital Text Books This Semester

Another semester of school is starting again. For those of you this mainly means that you will now have less money then what you didn’t have last week. I have found one way that has saved me money as well as hassle in dealing with college texts books. After spending hours down at the bookstore [...]

Amazon Student

A Must-have App For Students: Amazon Student

Amazon has a new app for iPhones and iPads, which will come in very useful to college students. Here’s what it has to offer: Textbook barcode scanner Scan the barcode on the book that you need, and the Amazon Student app will compare prices on Amazon. Online stores very often sell books cheaper than the [...]


Save up to 80% on textbooks with Amazon’s new digital rental service

Finally, a good way for students to get digital textbooks is here. You can also find some of your class readings for free on Google Books or Project Gutenberg, but it’s a lot harder to get digital versions of actual textbooks. Amazon explains how their Kindle Textbook Rental service works. Here’s a summary of that [...]


Learnable: Anyone a Teacher?

Blogs brought about the idea that ‘anyone can be a reporter’. People still get their news from “unofficial” sources and blogs that provide an non-tradional look at the news. It has shaped the way people get news, and has even led to the downfall of traditional newspapers. A new era is about to arise with [...]

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