CONTEST: Share Your Phone’s Home Screen for a Chance to Win a $20 ZAGG Gift Card

According to Nielsen, at the end of 2013, the average consumer has 27 third-party apps downloaded and installed on their smartphone. Of those, you’ll find games, productivity tools, apps for music and video streaming, budgeting and mobile banking apps, and more. The home screen on your phone — specifically the first one — is the [...]

iFrogz Tadpole Prank Competition

iFrogz Tadpole Prank Competition

July 9, 2014 – Today, ZAGG’s sister company, iFrogz teamed up with the popular YouTube personality and prankster, Andrew Hales, launching a prank video competition. Check out Andrew’s video here! This competition revolves around the Tadpole; a popular mini bluetooth speaker by iFrogz. Andrew Hales has used the iFrogz Tadpole to execute a few of [...]


#MYZAGG February Instagram Photo Contest

Hey there all you Instagram users! ZAGG is having an Instagram photo contest every day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) during the month of February! The theme is #MYZAGG. We’ll give you a new descriptive word every day. We want to see a picture of your ZAGG and iFrogz products along with the hashtag #MYZAGG. How [...]


Why Are People On Facebook Changing Their Profile Picture To Giraffes?

Look around your Facebook feed, and there’s a chance that one of your friends has recently changed their profile picture to that of a giraffe. Your first thought may be that your friend just thinks giraffes are cute, or they may be angling to travel on an African safari, but the real explanation for why [...]


#ZAGG30 Instagram Contest Winners & Runners Up

We have had a blast so far seeing all the great ideas you have come up with and posted to #ZAGG30 on Instagram.  The contest features a new theme each day. Participants enter the contest by posting a photo to Instagram that incorporates the given day’s theme and by including #ZAGG30 in the photo caption. The [...]


Mike’s #needZAGG Twitter Contest

This week, I’m taking over our @ZAGGDaily Twitter account. We thought it’d be a fun change of pace. So, we’ll talk shop — all about the latest news and happenings in the tech world as usual — and I’ve created a new contest to give away some cool ZAGG gear each day. Way cool, right? [...]


Show Us Your Home Screen To Win A Pair of ZAGG ZR-LE Headphones ($130 Value)

Here’s a fun (and easy) contest we’ve put together for you. Two people will win a pair of ZAGG ZR-LE Deluxe Wooden On-Ear Headphones ($130 value)! Here’s how to enter: 1. Follow @ZAGGDaily and @mbchp on Twitter and/or Like the ZAGG Facebook Page. 2.. Take a screenshot of your phone’s home screen. 3. Tweet that [...]

Tiki Statue

ZAGG Tiki Treasure Hunt: Win 1 of 3 $100 ZAGG Gift Cards

Welcome to the Tiki Treasure Hunt! The challenge, if you’re daring enough, is to find this Tiki statue. We’ve placed the Tiki statue on two invisibleSHIELD product pages on and on one product page on If you’re the first person to find a Tiki statue and submit the answer using the form below, [...]


Win an iPad 2: Help us write a script

We’re always working to improve One feature we want to add is a “talking head.” With a talking head, a video of an actor/actress comes onto a web page and talks to the visitor. For an example of a talking head, visit We want our talking head to be on our 404 Page. [...]


Win an iPad 2, a ZAGGsparq, and Gift Cards in the ZAGG Super Bowl Challenge

Super Bowl Sunday is coming! If you haven’t heard, it’s the Patriots vs. Giants. We’re excited for the game and the commercials. Plus, it’s a good reason to give stuff away. We’re giving away ZAGGsparqs, Gift Cards, and an iPad 2! To enter, answer the questions below. A different prize is associated with each question. [...]

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