Coupons At Checkout Perfect Browser Extension For People Who Love Saving Money

Pretty much anyone who has purchased something online has gone through the process of selecting their item, adding it to the shopping cart, getting to the checkout page, and then coming across the promo code/coupon box. Sometimes users already have a coupon in hand, other times they don’t and will venture out to sites like [...]


How to Tweet for Rewards with American Express (by @ashmo6)

Do you tweet all the time? (Of course you do!) Do you tweet about things you love like certain restaurant chains, stores or products? Do you ever consider the fact that you are doing free marketing for those places, goods or services, especially if you have a lot of followers? What if there was a [...]

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Google Offers vs. Groupon

First off, I don’t know which is more tempting: the deal, or the picture. Second, yes I bought this and I am going to enjoy it very much. Ever since Google Offers has beenĀ available, I have enjoyed getting the emails of their daily offer. Offers will last anywhere from one day to several days. I [...]


Groupon Goes to the Grocery Store

Recently, Groupon launched an interesting new addition to its business model. In two select markets, Minneapolis and San Francisco, the coupon giant offered a coupon for $40 of General Mills products. It was snatched up quickly, as the 4500 available coupons were gone by the early afternoon. This is the first time that Groupon has [...]