iPad 4 Dominates: Benchmark Tests of iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini and iPad 4

How do each of Apple’s iPads stack up? These benchmark tests give a pretty clear indication of the performance of each, including the just-released fourth-generation iPad. You probably notice from the graph above that the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini have almost identical “overall” performance. Why? Because they’re all based on the A5. [...]


Tegra 3 vs. A5X – Does it really matter? (via @jkhowland)

I can’t find any hands on reviews that validate Asus’s claim that the Transformer Prime gets 12 hours mobile on a charge. But if the device really has that kind of battery life then Nvidia has stepped it up big time with their chips. For the user this isn’t just about battery, and it’s not [...]

intel ssd

The Best Possible Upgrade for Your Computer is About to Get Much Cheaper

When I was growing up, buying a new computer was all about the CPU. How fast was it? Megahertz? Gigahertz? Important numbers for GPUs, hard drives, even RAM were largely ignored in favor of the almight processor. It could be argued that it was for good reason. The CPUs of the day were the bottleneck [...]

Apple Announcement iPad 3 Quad Core GPU Dual Core CPU

Apple Announcement: The New iPad with Dual-Core CPU, Quad-Core GPU. Better display without hurting battery

The A5X is a dual core CPU. That should be clear. Expect to hear the whining of ‘disappointed’ tech pundits. Rumor rumblings said it would be either dual-core (and a disappointment) or quad-core. We got both, but the quad-core is for the GPU only. Strait from Apple’s Tech page: Dual-core Apple A5X custom-designed, high-performance, low-power [...]


BlackBerry PlayBook This Summer

Sprint’s version of the upcoming BlackBerry 4G PlayBook is still on track to be released this summer.  The carrier recently announced that this much-talked-about tablet is still on schedule, much to the relief of many.  Maybe the iPad 2 hype will have died down a bit by the summertime release, but in the meantime, it [...]


The iPad 2 Has Guts

Now that the iPad 2 has officially been released and those lucky few who have obtained theirs are in nerdvana, it’s time to take a look at what is under the hood of this new tablet beast.  Lines to buy an iPad 2 are still as long as ever and the iPad 2 is almost [...]