How To Personalize Your Doorbell Ring

Remember the first time you were able to customize your phone’s ringtone? It was amazing. Old school or new school, from the Beach Boys to Beyoncé, you were finally able to show your personal style and flair through your music. In fact, it seems like we can personalize just about anything these days. But when [...]


This Etsy Shop Will Customize A Stamp With Your Pet’s Face

Fact: Pets are amazing. So are stamps. Now, we can combine our love for pets and stamps by having our pets’ faces made into stamps that can be used to share said faces anywhere in the world. The product is called “Stamplifier” and is being sold on Etsy for $28 (that’s Canadian dollars, because of [...]


Take The Hassle Out Of Picking An Outfit With This Website

No more dreaming of having your own personal stylist.  No more walking the mall for hours in search of the perfect dress, only to settle for something just so you didn’t waste your time.  It’s time to get some professional help.  Stitch Fix is a personal online styling service that sends clothes right to your [...]


How To Customize The Alarm Clock On Nexus 4 With A Song From My Library

Are you wanting to wake up to your personal motivation theme song, but having a hard time figuring it out? It’s really easy, and doesn’t require purchasing an outside app. Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer. Make sure you select “Connect as Media device (MTP). Mac Users – You will need to download [...]


Exclusive Android Apps That iPhone Users Don’t Have Access To

So your friends continue bring up new iPhone apps they have found. Here is a list of outstanding apps that are exclusive to Android users. Google Maps Navigation – There is nothing like having the full Google Maps expeience in the palm of your hands. Not only is it a free full feature navigation app, [...]