President Obama is Okay With Encryption, as Long as He Can Get Around It

Well this isn’t good news. Last week, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron made waves in the press by saying he believes there should be ways government can get around encryption tactics used for everything from instant messages, to file transfers and messaging apps. It’s allowed to exist, he suggests, as long as the government can [...]


Google’s New Project Aims To Discover How Humans Can Be Healthier

As a company, Google is no stranger to innovation. The search and advertising giant has created several new categories of business and is pushing the edge from driverless cars to optics. But a new initiative at the company could transform society in untold ways and is being called by some the “most ambitious and difficult [...]


T-Mobile Is Giving Everyone With A Tablet Free Data Every Month For Life With No Strings Attached

As yet another part of its Uncarrier strategy, America’s favorite underdog has announced yet another industry-shaking initiative: free wireless data for tablet users every month, whether you’re a T-Mobile customer or not. The announcement came yesterday on Twitter with CEO John Legere. The deal goes something like this: Activate a cellular-equipped tablet (iPad, Nexus 7, [...]


Does Google Maps Account For Traffic?

You’ve got somewhere to be in 15 minutes, but you don’t know how you get there. Seeing as it’s 2013, you whip out your smartphone, tap on Google Maps, type in the address of the place you’re going, and you’re greeted with the option of selecting from a list of routes: “18 minutes with medium [...]

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Sensors and electrodes in soccer jersey will put live player analytics on a coaches iPad

This is one of the sweetest technological advancements in sports I’ve ever seen. A small data cell nested between the player’s shoulder blades, protected by a pocket of fabric and connected to electrodes woven into the athlete’s base layer marks a bold step into the future of professional soccer. This is all about gathering sports [...]


3 Reasons I’m Leaving Google

I’m leaving Google behind. I don’t hate them, and I don’t think they are evil. They aren’t selling your personal information on the black market. They aren’t big brother watching you. I’m leaving them for 3 simple reasons. Seamless experience: Apple has peaked my interest with iCloud. I realize that I’m just moving my personal [...]

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5 Tips And Trick To A Healthier Laptop

Laptops have officially become man’s best friend, and the dogs are not happy about the switch. They are a necessity in every day life, and their convenience has made them commonplace in airports, cafes, libraries, offices, classrooms and even in McDonald’s! But with this new formed attachment comes certain responsibilities. Now, people expect and need [...]


Sprint CEO Claims iPhone Helps Keep Data Unlimited

I’m not sure I’ll take this one as fact. Actually, I’m very skeptical. Elizabeth Woyke, interviewing Sprint CEO Dan Hesse for Forbes: Industry observers often speculate when Sprint will have to adopt tiered pricing like AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Sprint is still not saying when it may make that switch, but credits the iPhone for [...]


iPhone: AT&T or Verizon?

So I am on the last few weeks of my cell phone plan and I am hit with a conundrum. I have an iPhone and I am an AT&T customer. What I don’t know is do I switch to Verizon now that they will be iPhone ready, or do I stick it out with tried [...]