How Does Netflix Work?

If you’re a big fan of movies or television shows, then Netflix is right up your alley.  Through a monthly membership you can stream movies or TV shows to your devices, or have DVDs delivered by mail.  Not every show or movie is available via streaming, but they do have a very vast collection.  So [...]


The Amazing Gagdet Apple Didn’t Announce Last Week

Apple had one of their trademark announcement events last week. The focus was all about education – market which Steve Jobs was apparently very interested in. In the Walter Isaacson biography, Jobs said he believed it to be an $8 billion market ready for some “digital destruction.” So Apple announced is broadening its iTunes U [...]

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface

Touch screens are all the rage these days, with implementation on phones, both smart and un-smart, tablets, and even computer screens.  Microsoft is taking this to the next level with their new product Microsoft Surface. First demo’d at this year’s CES conference, the Microsoft Surface is a major upgrade from its predecessor.  Unlike most touch [...]