How I made an app to help you cheat while playing Letterpress

A couple weeks ago my friend came to me with an app idea: A Letterpress Cheat App. I agreed that we could do it, but that we’d need to do it quickly before the market was flooded. We made the app free, and it’s available in the store today. Design and Launch We spent more [...]


What the iPad Mini means for iOS development

Developing for iOS is a pleasure. Apple has released wonderful tools, and great documentation. The existence of StackOverflow helps out quite a bit as well. Fragmentation? I’ve been asked by a few people what this will do for the fragmentation problem for developers. On Android this problem is huge. To release an Android app that [...]

Outwitters free-to-play app development

What an app needs to make money on free-to-play

We get very excited by free-to-play apps. The app distribution model is to give the app away for free, and charge for some of the functionality via in-app-purchases. This model can be good for both users and developers. In fact, these apps can do very well. Some of the top grossing apps on the app [...]


Twitter’s Ads – How they will target you

Twitter Relevant Ads Twitter has been ironing out the kinks of advertising for some time now, and is now making it possible for advertisers to target users with more relevant ads. On [Facebook] users explicitly declare their interests on their profiles and through clicking “like” buttons woven throughout the Web and apps everywhere. Twitter doesn’t [...]


Hilarious easter egg, exclusive to the Apple II, turns everything you knew about computers upside-down

I’m a big fan of easter eggs. In fact, many of my articles contain easter eggs. Jordan Mechner created a brilliant surprise in the Apple II version of his video game Karateka. When you insert the floppy disk upside-down, the game is also upside-down: Not only does this make the game harder, it could really [...]

Here’s why bloggers say Retina Macs are coming (via @jkhowland)

Here’s why bloggers say Retina Macs are coming (via @jkhowland)

You have MacRumors, Apple Insider, Gizmodo and BGR with claims that the icon resolution updates are further evidence of Retina Display MacBooks. What the bloggers know So you have a string of bloggers quoting each other claiming that these ultra-high resolution icons are evidence of ultra-high resolution devices. Here is another sign of the arrival [...]


How far should iOS developers go in backwards compatibility? iOS 3.0? iOS 4.0? iOS 5.1? (by @jkhowland)

I create iOS apps. Seeing people use those apps can be a lot of fun. I’ve always been of the opinion that more app users is better. Because of that, I have been supporting iOS 3.0 for every app update since I started 3 years ago. As Joshua Aikens aptly put it, I wanted ‘Little [...]


Mac OS X Mountain Lion – GateKeeper, keep malware out.

History On the 5by5 podcast The Talk Show, John Gruber postulated that Apple wouldn’t force users to only install Mac App Store apps, but that they might make a setting that you could change. He wasn’t wrong. There is an app for that. What it is Gatekeeper in OS X Mountain Lion helps prevent you [...]


OS X Mountain Lion – AirPlay Mirroring Mac to Apple TV

History Want to display your Mac on the TV? Cables, dongles, and ugly. That’s what you had to deal with if you wanted to display your Mac on your TV. Then there was the same for the iPad and iPhone: Cables, dongles and (less) ugly. The Apple TV made it possible to send video from [...]


OS X Mountain Lion – Game Center Starts Playing

History There was gaming on the iPod, there was an array of third party services like OpenFeint, then there was Game Center for the iPhone, and now there is Game Center for the iPad. What it is The Mac is about to go up against iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch — in a friendly Game [...]

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