CES 2015: Dish Network Announces $20 Streaming TV Service for All Devices

This one’s for the cord-cutters among us. Instead of being locked into a lengthy contract, expensive equipment, and early termination fees, Dish Network has decided to get with the digital times. At CES this week, they announced a new service called Sling TV, which lets you enjoy live TV from any of your existing devices [...]


CES 2015: We’re Pretty Excited About These Announcements from CES So Far

It’s that time of year again. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is happening in Las Vegas this week. I’ve put together some of the most exciting announcements that have been made so far — and we know there’s more to come. Have a look at these big ticket items so far and let us know [...]


They Are the World’s 15 Richest Tech Billionaires For 2014

Forbes has updated its list of the world’s wealthiest people for 2014. I was thumbing through the “Tech” list and found some typical results, as well as a few surprises in the rankings. You can view the full slideshow and more details about each person on the list on Forbes’ site, here. In order from [...]

Now You Can Record Shows On Your DVR And Transport Them To Your iPad To Watch On The Go

Now You Can Record Shows On Your DVR And Transport Them To Your iPad To Watch On The Go

A new DVR feature for Dish Network customers may just be a game changer for those who love portable content. Engadget published a full run down and hands-on review of the service today. Essentially users will be able to record shows on their DVR, and then while they have their iPad connected to the same [...]


Update: Dish Network’s ad-erasing DVR elicits several lawsuits from TV networks

A few weeks ago I posted about Dish Network’s newest DVR technology, Hopper, that gives viewers the option of skipping over all commercials, entirely and automatically. At the time of the post, Dish had just sprung news of the technology on the major television networks, and the network executives were none too happy. Now, however, [...]


New Dish Network DVR feature erases TV ads entirely, causes controversy

A new feature of Dish Network’s latest DVR technology is being heralded as a dream come true for TV-watching consumers, but has television network executives angry and scrambling for answers for what could be devastating trend for their revenues. The feature in Dish’s new DVRs is called “Auto Hop” and it reportedly automatically erases advertisements [...]


How Promising is the Future for Netflix?

Recently, Netflix has encountered financial troubles and topsy turvy decision making flaws. With the price increase between its DVD-by-mail service and online streaming service, as well as the almost introduction of Qwikster, Netflix has angered and lost many of its subscribers. But Netflix’s future is not particularly gloomy. Despite the frequent complaints about the lack [...]