VHS Clutch

6 Creative DIY Ideas For Those Unwanted VHS Tapes

In case you saw our “8 Reasons VCRs Need To Make A Comeback” blog post and still weren’t convinced to keep those tapes around, here are 6 creative ideas for things you can do with your old VHS tapes. I’m not sure if I’m cheap or green, but I still have more VHS tapes than [...]

Bing Boards

Bing Introduces Bing Boards: Here’s Why Pinterest Users Will Love The New Feature

On Thursday, June 20th, Bing announced a new search feature while at Altitude Summit, a design focused conference.  Why announce there?  The new search feature, called Bing Boards, allows search results to feature content in its sidebar which is curated based off of its strong visual and/or text content, rather than simply a result based off of [...]


This Do-It-Yourself Website For Kids Is Great For Adults Too [VIDEO]

Build. Make. Hack. Grow. Those are the words that make up the anthem of DIY.org, a new website designed to teach people new skills through a series of challenges. The skill sets available to learn on DIY.org range from woodworking to backend developing on computer systems. The site is colorful, very engaging, and seems designed [...]


How To Make A Camera Using Wooden Popsicle Sticks

A polaroid camera popsicle made of popsicle sticks? Sounds crazy, but fun! Instructions The popsicle stick camera project is not for novices, especially since Maxim doesn’t provide detailed instructions. According to the video, this is what you need to get started: Film Something to back Lens + holder Duct tape Thick paper Hot glue Lollipop [...]

img_9373_1_v1 2

This Sword Detects Wi-Fi And You Can Build Your Own For Less Than $40

Years ago, the world was fair, the mountains tall, and we didn’t need WiFi at all. Now, we seek it everywhere we go. Thankfully, a blade called Sting has been modified to glow near WiFi. Looks like WiFi’s back on the menu, boys! Forged by the smiths of Gondolin, Sting accompanied Bilbo and Frodo Baggins throughout Middle Earth. In [...]


Thought about building your own Mac? Check out this Hackintosh project

The baseline Mac Pro desktop starts at a pricey $2,500 bucks. Since Apple hasn’t updated the Mac Pro line for some time now, it’s actually somewhat outdated, from a hardware standpoint. We’ve heard rumors that they’ll be updating the Mac Pro lineup this year, but if you just can’t wait, or if you’re the DIY [...]


Dad builds a quadcopter drone to supervise son’s daily trip to the bus stop

Drones are cool. Quadcopters are cool. Watching your kid to the bus stop is also very cool. Paul Wallich over at ieee spectrum decided to put them all together and make a DIY drone to track his kid on the way to the bus stop. Sensors, radios and batteries It takes a bit to make [...]


Pumpkin Tetris: The Ultimate Halloween Party Accessory

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite times of the year because of all the creativity that comes out from all of us. Whether it’s from decorating, making costumes, or carving pumpkins, there’s some creativity up all our sleeves. Computer Programmer Nathan has fused his love of DIY and tinkering with the season and has [...]


This Magnetic Gadget Promises To Save Your Thumbs When Hammering Nails

Here’s a tool every home owner and DIYer should own. The ThumbSaver Magnetized Nail Setter promises to prevent banged thumbs and help you hold nails in place. It’s decently priced at below $10 on Amazon.

Comieco cheap DIY free iPad stand

If you’re bored, here’s a DIY iPad stand out of cardboard!

Cash-strapped and need an iPad stand? Try making your own! Here’s a cheap and environmentally friendly way to make your own iPad stand from cardboard. To make the case, print out the template and watch the video: Saves money This cardboard iPad stand makes it easy to put an iPad stand everywhere you need one without [...]

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