This Etsy Shop Will Customize A Stamp With Your Pet’s Face

Fact: Pets are amazing. So are stamps. Now, we can combine our love for pets and stamps by having our pets’ faces made into stamps that can be used to share said faces anywhere in the world. The product is called “Stamplifier” and is being sold on Etsy for $28 (that’s Canadian dollars, because of [...]


Build A Free Website With And Unify Your Social Networks

If you’ve been in search for a easy and inexpensive option for a website, Flavors might just be for you. allows you to combine all of your social media content (30+ different accounts, from Twitter to Etsy to Goodreads) into one place and organizes it into a very nice looking website. It really is [...]


This Guy Turned A Broken Atari Into An Awesome iPhone Speaker Dock

I found this gem on Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. Peter Morris, who lives in the UK, transformed an old, broken Atari 2600 into a fully-functional iPhone speaker dock, while retaining all the original casing, switches and buttons.  It doesn’t get more hipster than this! If you’re interested, he has one [...]


Apple Art: These 5 Pieces Of Apple Product Art Are Ready To Hang On Your Wall (Price Range: $50-$3,400)

Etsy is full of creative treasures. Below are five pieces of art that Apple enthusiasts may consider adding to their collection. Made from polished metal. Cost: $160 Self-portrait titled, Me and my iPad. Cost: $3,400 iPhone Art. Cost: $175 Macbook. Cost: $50 Evolution Art. Cost: $175 ZAGG Discount Code

Star Wars ABC Poster

Use This Star Wars Alphabet Poster To Teach Your Child The ABC’s

Yoda said, “Truly how wonderful the mind of a child is.”   They are quick to learn (so watch what you do and say), kind, and non-judgmental.  That means you can brainwash them from age zero into loving all the things you do. And why not use a cool piece of art while you’re at [...]


Esty Innovation: An astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs

I love Kickstarter, and I love Etsy. I love the new online retail services that allow and encourage niche products. If you’re into tech, and costumes, this may be the product for you: Electronic Helmet SimpleAsPi has a sweet astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs. The helmet is light, but is [...]


5 Twitter-themed fashion and home accessories for sale on Etsy

Twitter is a legit, mainstream part of society in 2012. With that status come fans. Super fans. Here are some Twitter-themed accessories from Etsy for the serious Twitter user. Hand painted and painted and made of polymer clay, these earrings scream, “Tweet Me!” Looking for a unique way to celebrate that 1,000th tweet? Look no further than [...]

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Etsy Overview: How to Get Started

Despite Etsy’s launch in 2005, not everyone has caught onto the hip DIY ecommerce site and knows how to use it. Etsy is comprised of individual user shops, similar to eBay or Amazon except that it has the reputation for hosting very specific products. Etsy hosts handmade items, vintage clothing and jewelry, refurbished and upcycled [...]


Wooden Floppy Drives. The coaster of the true geek.

Now for something delightfully geeky. Remember those old floppy disks? They may only hold a few kbs of data, but the retro charm is more than just memorable. These unique coasters do not only protect your table, but would make a wonderful gift and decoration for any home. A taste of youth You have to [...]

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Pinterest’s Most Followed

How come some people have significantly more followers than others? The simple truth is, that those Pinterest users who are listed below either represent a popular brand or are easily associated with. Zoomsphere, a global social statistics site, recently released two different lists regarding Pinterest’s most followed. Check out the lists below to see what [...]

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