5 Apps to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

This is that great time of year when we are reflecting on the last 12 months. How far have we come? Who have we seen? What have we accomplished? I find it easy to get inspired and motivated on December 31st, to be better starting January 1st. Resolutions, goals, and plans are easy to make [...]


Use This Website To Get Out Of Debt And Protect Your Credit

Debt. A lot of us have it. Whether it is from credit cards, student loans, or a mortgage, debt is a reality in the lives of millions of Americans. As a result, there are countless services out there that promise to help people get out of debt, whether it is through debt consolidation, helping create [...]

OneReceipt screenshot

OneReceipt, smartly uses your emails to help track your spending

OneReceipt is a simple and convenient app that helps you track your finances. Here’s what they have to say about themselves: We keep all your receipts, and we mean ALL (paper and digital), in one convenient place. Automatically track your digital receipts OneReceipt links to your email account. It automatically pulls the financial information out [...]


Apple paid $50 million so you could find apps easier – bought Chomp

The rumor has been floating around that Apple is planning to overhaul their iTunes App Store. I have a suggestion for them: break up iTunes and App Store. 25 BILLION DOWNLOADS The company is displaying prominently on their homepage that soon enough, 25 billion apps will have been downloaded from the App Store. It’s impossible [...]


Will Apple sell 48 million iPads in 2012?

Analyst Shaw Wu believes that Apple will sell 48 million iPads in 2012. “We believe this significant refresh will likely help drive higher iPad sales and help further differentiate from arguably the only real competitor in the market, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and not to mention the myriad of Android offerings out there,” says Sterne Agee [...]


5 tips to make your financial life easier with (and app)

1 – Add all your relevant accounts: credit cards, checking, and savings The power of is not letting transactions fall through the cracks. Whatever credit cards or checking accounts you use, it would be most beneficial to have them in your Mint account tracking. I know of a couple individuals who started using only [...]